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Today, I had to leave the movie theater early because I couldn't fit in the chairs. I guess I'll see it when it comes out on DVD. FML
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I would say you deserve it, but we don't know the circumstances here. So in the nicest way possible, let this be motivation to lose weight. Do it the healthy way and you can only benefit. Good luck! :)

If I'm honest it's a YDI, although the seats could be small in general...


If I'm honest it's a YDI, although the seats could be small in general...

Just like I did some comments below, we assume that this case of obesity is caused by too much consumption. But there are also many, many diseases out there that develop obesity. Besides, most overweight problems are related to phsychological problems in daily life. I think we can only conclude this from the given amount of information: If OP made himself fat: YDI If OP got a disease that makes him fat: FYL But then still we should show a little compassion for those that eat too much due to problems. Right now, we cannot judge the situation of OP fairly. [don't hate on my English. I'm not a native speaker.]

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You're actually very good at speaking English! Complex words. c:

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Or you both speak Chinese

I feel the need to speak up when people bring up diseases. It is pretty rare for a disease to cause obesity in spite of the person remaining active and eating well. Usually obese people eat poorly and/or are not exercising or being very active

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I agree. In some cases, people with obesity problems make themselves that way with the twenty "midnight snacks" they get. On the other hand, though, some people actually have diseases where obesity is something you can't control. It just annoys me when purposely overweight people beg for pity. But, like always, we don't know the OP's whole story.

39, Correct, furthermore in MOST instances diseases cause weight gain which makes people 'overweight' rather than obese. Obesity is a condition that almost always results from poor lifestyle, which is what someone would have to be to not fit in a theatre chair. There is a very low percentage of overweight people with a medical condition, that number drops even lower in cases of obesity.

39, 40 - yes it's only a very small group of people that get overweight through diseases but I know two people that have this problem so that's why I commented. For example, I know someone that has a malfunctioning liver: she eats normal ammounts of food but still almost everything is stored as fat. Therefore she needs to eat more in order to feed her body. A vicious circle. So there are some applicable diseases out there. But I guess OP's case is a YDI since very few people have those diseases and they mostly make you overweight when getting older. Still this COULD be the case with OP.

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Obese people only have to "beg for pity" because so many people condemn them.

31 - Thank you! I follow IB courses to maximize my English level :) I love the language!

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46, Just to clarify, it seems very unlikely to me that such a disease exists. The liver would have to be specifically converting products into fat that do not have the structure of a fat molecule, which to my understanding doesn't happen. Are you sure they don't just more readily absorb and store fat?

I love how so many people are being rude to this guy/girl. For all we know he could be close to 7 feet and slightly overweight making him/her seem way bigger than they actually are.

64 - I don't know. I know her problem is something like that but it's been a long time since I heard the explanation. I just know that her problem is something like that and that overweight can appear from diseases. Happy now?

Thanks dipshits, of course you down rate my comment rather than clarify and inform. Who wants to actually have a discussion these days? "ROFLOL, that sucks", better?

Ah damnit 84, you had to respond while I was typing :P Yes, that sounds about right to me.

So just to clarify, there's actually a pretty common disorder of the thyroid called hypothyroidism in a nutshell it affects the metabolism by slowing it down thus making a person gain weight.

39, hypothyroidism can cause weight gain (often with appetite loss, isn't that a nice paradox?), and it is not a rare issue at all. Whatever made you not fit into the chairs, OP, FYL.

Aw, 132, you beat me to it. XD Let the burying begin! o/

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There is also a fat gene that's been identified that makes you much more likely to be fat. Genetics can have a lot to do with it too. You may not have a specific disease but you could have bad genetics. For people like that, they can eat healthy and exercise regularly and still be fat. Just the unfortunate luck of the draw.

114 raises a good point. Or even more, he could be a linebacker for (American) football or such, where being a bit husky actually gives you an advantage. Or possibly another job where you're required a bit of bulk.

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Thats what I have! When I ever want to lose weight I have to work out constantly to lose 3 pounds in a 2 week span! It sucks!

^ your head looks like its about to spin.

Umm.. Actually hyperthyroidism causes weight LOSS and appetite suppression. In rare instances it causes weight gain. There is also no "fat gene" that makes people fat. Everyone has this gene that's how our body stores fat.. Don't believe me? Look it up!

@212 hyperthyroidism can cause weight loss but hypothyroidism often causes weight gain.

My best friend has hypothyroidism and she was treated with the wrong amounts of medicine, which killed her adrenal gland. She has to take steroids every day for the rest of her life, and she's gained a fair amount of weight, despite working out as much as her body can handle. Some people are naturally bigger, my step brother is one, but he's a football player. Disease and genetics are possible.

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Ankoku, maybe you should take your own advice and google the fat gene or the FTO gene. It's a very real gene and is not the same one you're talking about.

257- I have hypothyroidism, if you don't know that the thyroid affects your whole body and you have no idea what you're talking about, please shut up. Please look it up and notice that one of the signs that there might be something wrong with the thyroid is weight gain out of nowhere.

I'm hypothyroid and I am not overweight. I'm actually underweight, so hypothyroidism doesn't necessarily make you fat.

#278 I'm guessing that's because you take your medication.

257: Did you miss where I said that the steroids she has to take are what makes her gain weight. You're a ******* judgmental moron.

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Let's be honest here: obesity caused by diseases and/or genetics is pretty rare. In America, where the obesity rates are above 33%, it's almost guaranteed that OP is obese because of poor eating habits and laziness. Plus, OP worded the fml in such a way that implies this was the first time it's been an issue; suggesting a recent increase in weight. Thumbs me down all you want, but I'm tired of lazy, McDonald-chompers co-opting the legitimate excuses to justify themselves. Obesity is a deadly epidemic, and it's time we stop enabling it.

I agree. Most fat people are just too lazy and careless!

Ah, hypo not hyper, I see. That is known for weight gain but generally that's because it also causes fatigue and inactivity. Also, I did google the fat gene.. Only I read the ACTUAL medical report and their findings were that without being active 23% of people will retain enough fat to be considered overweight. Plus it was a case study, they did not actually test the theory they just looked at statistics from other studies.

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#257- you are ignorant. There is a lot more to weight loss than caloric intake, especially when there are chemicals (medicines) involves or hormone inbalances can easily happen when there is a thyroid issue. Yes, a healthy diet is KEY but there are several more factors and many times you have to be edicated about the types if healthy foods to eat to combat the problem.

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Well ankoku, you can be as ignorant as you want to but genetics very OBVIOUSLY plays a role in weight. My husband is 6'6 and about 178lbs. He eats about 5,000+ calories a day desperately trying to put on weight. Genetically he's built to be a bean pole and no matter how much he wants to change that, he can only do so much. His best friend is 5'10 and is a genetic gift from God to the bodybuilding world. He eats more than my fiance and can't put on a single ounce of fat if he wanted to. We've seen him eat an entire pizza and tub of ice cream, and he didn't even get bloated. So if genetics can control the fact that they can't put on weight, why can't it control that others can't lose weight? People are designed a certain way and you can only change so much before you can't change any more of it.

Yeah, hypothyroidism, Down syndrome, antipsychotics and steroids (among other things) can make you susceptible to weight gain. 10 lbs, or 20, maybe even 50. But when you're talking more than 100 lbs overweight, take some ******* responsibility. Unless you are Andre the ******* Giant there is no excuse for that. That being said FYL OP... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're not one of the idiots who pretends their self-diagnosed hypothyroidism is to blame for weighing 400 lbs. It's not fat people I have a problem with, it's stupid and/or deluded people.

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While what you're saying is true, let's be realistic. How many people out there are obese because of a medical problem, in comparison to people who are obese simply because they shovel shit down their gullets and don't lift a finger to exercise?

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Dude this isn't 'diagnose peoples problems 101,' it's FML. From the looks of it, you need a life!

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And they pretty much deserve it. People who take care of themselves condemn then, and I think we have a right since we actually work for what we have and they don't. :)

I would say you deserve it, but we don't know the circumstances here. So in the nicest way possible, let this be motivation to lose weight. Do it the healthy way and you can only benefit. Good luck! :)

Well said! I hope OP can find the discipline and motivation to start losing weight and work out.

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Correct. We don't know the circumstances of OP's situation. He could have been at an older movie theater (we still have one from the 70's in our city). They didn't make the seats as big as they do now.

#109 ....What? Oh and by the way it's *you're as in YOU ARE.

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I think comment is right, use this for motivation to start to work out. But I do have to say i smile when I realized that finally there was an fml about someone being overweight that did not come from America.

Dammit #138 why'd you have to blow my cover!?!? *Speeds away in black van*

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But... What if he has medical issues that make him over-weight?

Am I the only one who feels like if they had a medical reason for being overweight, they would've included it?

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Your why ppl from other countries HATE American,you may not fit in that seat, but you fit the stereotype of fat Americans,, thanks,

214- What?! There's people who hate America?! Weird. Oh, and you're an ass.

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214-This FML is from Canada...

No. You really need to work out. Please.

Didn't your mother always teach you to say please and thank you?

Actually it became everyone's problem when OP posted this story for the whole world to read

#95, obese and fat people are everyone's problem. Society is heavily affected due to obesity.

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I think society is greater affected by assholes, but maybe that's just me.

Damn. I once learned: if you want more than you have now, if you want to have a better life, PROVE IT! I hope you can find the discipline to do something about it. You can change your life, seriously!

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Don't get me wrong I totally agree with this comment, but I am really surprised it hasn't been thumbed to hell.

Some places do make chairs small, but not THAT small. I think it's time for a nice jog around the block a few hundred times.

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Have u seen yourself who r u to judge

Ever thought the OP may be too tall for the chairs? I have that problem and I'm not overweight. Stop jumping to conclusions you have no idea about.

I think it's time you take other factors besides weight into consideration

I think it's pretty safe to say that the OP wasn't just "too tall" for the seats...if that was the case then he or she would most likely point it out as to not be called a fatty.

I can fit into all chairs I sit in thank you, and what's gross is a beard that looks like unshaven pubes. :) also I never called the OP fat like all these other assholes, but exercise is needed obviously.

No excersise is needed when you're really tall and skinny, which the OP may be. And take into consideration that they are extremely muscular and are too large for the seat.

That's really unlikely. Even if you were tall and skinny, you could still actually fit in a chair. Your legs would just be squished. And if someone's muscles are so big that they also can't fit in a chair, that's not normal.

I agree, and he had the nerve to bash on my lipstick. It's hard for a lot of people to be able to pull off red lipstick so why not wear it if you can? He's a joke.

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If someone is tall, they can usually take the front row seats (those are usually last to go anyway)

Everyone NEEDS exercising to stay fit and healthy. You cannot go through your life without exercising or you will have such poor health and many illnesses, etc.

That sucks OP. Instead of letting this ruin your psyche, let this be motivation for you... I hope they gave you your money back!

He's**. It is implied that OP may be a little overweight when it is said that they can't fit into the movie theater seat.

A little...? You'd have to be pretty overweight to not fit into one of those chairs, even if they're made a bit small.

7, movie theaters are not required to give refunds for anything other than a canceled show or power outtage....the fact that op didn't fit in the chairs doesn't fall into either catagory..overweight people can't play the "fat card" as reason to get a refund...maybe if op didn't sit on their butt so much & got up to move around more & ate single (instead of 2-3x the serving portions) this wouldn't happen. Theaters want more people to see movies=more $....larger seats=less people & $. Duh.

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Your comment is very rude jack@$$. Even if OP is overweight, you have no right to call them an elephant.

#15, if OP doesn't want people calling them fat then maybe they should have thought about that before posting this story on FML, mmkay

How does this comment get negative votes?? It's hilarious!

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@158 thats because you're a pig

Ur prob just jealous tht jack@$$'s cant mate with elephants!