By lolcat97 - 28/01/2015 22:35 - United States - Hyde Park

Today, instead of taking down the Christmas tree, my sister covered it with Valentine's Day decorations. FML
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lolcat97 tells us more.

I'm the OP, and I'm glad this got published! For those wondering, it is a fake tree. And it was actually because of my laziness that I had her take it down because I never got around to it. That is when she came up with her "brilliant" idea to cover it with Valentine's Day decorations, which my parents did not seem too impressed with haha.

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crazytwinsmom 25

Then for 4th of July, she'll set if on fire! Patriotism wins!


hugozac88 22

Well at least it's not wasteful

tantanpanda 26

more like just less time consuming.

crazytwinsmom 25

So it's okay to leave my skeleton out front, as long as I accessorize it occasionally?

AnOriginalName 19

At my house, we're leaving the Christmas tree out until March, when it becomes a St. Patrick's shrub. We haven't figured out April or May yet, unfortunately.

@#20, better on your lawn than in your closet: remembering that one bit of wisdom is key.

Skele: you stole my heart! Ha.....ha.... Bye.

You guys never asked if it were Halloween decorations... In other news, the school bully has gone missing and is presumed to have ran away... Life is good today.

#30 for April you could always decorate it with gag gifts and fools gold.

mojobanks 8

I'm just hoping its an artificial tree.

A real one would have lost all needles by now. We threw ours out weeks ago and it was almost completely bare.

Then for 4th of July, she'll set if on fire! Patriotism wins!

And on Easter she'll place Paschal eggs underneath the tree!

I hope you've at least taken the Christmas decorations off by now

Is this strange to most people? I know many people that have a year round tree, decorated for the closest current holiday.

it's called a Christmas tree for a reason, you know

The only person I know of that keeps their Christmas tree up year round is Jenna Marbles, and she's a weirdo.

I'm guessing you don't realize that religions decorated trees before Christianity began? Ya, google a Yule tree. I would also like to point out that I called it a decorative tree, not a christmas tree.

xninix_fml 36

I think that's a cute idea honestly :)

When I was younger living at my parents' house, it became a somewhat tradition to leave the tree up until at least March and I'm still not sure why lol