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Today, stood in line for hours to see the new Harry Potter. Unfortunately, once inside the theater, I was stuck in the bathroom with the runs for the entire length of the movie. FML
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hahaha that sucks major balls. I bet you felt crappy about that

I'd ******* cry!


hahaha that sucks major balls. I bet you felt crappy about that

^ hahahaha I see what you did there

KiddNYC1O 20

It's okay. You probably didn't miss out anyway.

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i would of just stayed and caught a later movie. its not they keep tabs as to how long someone was there...

I would have definitely accidentally wondered into the next showing of HP.

mintcar 9

Would'VE. There is no such thing as "would of. "

KiddNYC1O 20

Lol 49- I feel your pain, what a pet peeve.

hahaha lol movie isn't worth seeing anyway

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so u had the runs for 2 1/2 hours!?

Since when do girls poop?

lol very funny jackass

I'd rather give birth with my penis than watch Harry potter

harry potter 7 part 1 was SOSOSO good but they left out alot of little IMPORTANT details. and yes you did miss out it was an AMAZIN MOVIEE

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heyy man thatts not cool, " i bet you felt crapp" ;)

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Hahaha, the mental image of this is just wrong.. lol

Why all the Harry Potter hate? Damn. This is not Twilight we're talking about.

lol, exactly what I was thinking! dayuum.

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haha I love all these people that think they're too good to watch Harry Potter. I'm sorry op, because that movie was amazing!!! the book is still way better but you definitely missed out

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I thought Harry potter required a National Fags Association card to get in?

who stood in line for Harry potter? and why would anyone? the books aren't bad but the movies leave out so much. failure for supporting a very overrated movie series.

Thats what i would of thought.

this hp hate offends me

haha loser. what'd you eat * dick*


that's some shitty luck u have

hairy pooper (get it?)

Haha I hope you got a butt rash

I'd ******* cry!

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Id totally cry over a harry potter movie

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Emma is SOOO damn hot.

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The Deathly Hallows Part 1 was great. You missed out.

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Me too! I waited 12 hours in line to see the DH part 2 and when they started letting us in we had to go put chairs in the car so we had a friend save our spot but when we got back she was already in the theater and they told us to go to the back of the line and I was about to kill someone but the manager said he remembered us from earlier. That was the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

Oh, damn. That's just horrible...and disgusting...but mainly horrible. :/

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Why does everyone love Harry potter so much? He creeps me out, but that's my personal opinion ha! I don't like twilight either.. yes I know I'm probably the only girl alive thats not obsessed but again... personal opinion : )

"I'm probably the only girl alive thats not obsessed" Lol... you must be really thick and think you're real special. Things that make people interesting are their hobbies and passions. Without them, they are blah. I personally grew up with Harry Potter so its like revisiting my childhood when I was at the theater.

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Umm as I said, it's a personal opinion. But I will rephrase it and say that I am the only female in my group of friends that doesn't like twilight.

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Umm as I said.. personal opinions. I will, however, rephrase it and say that I am the only female I know that does not like twilight. And what the heck do you mean by thick?

I hate twilight lol The movies suck, the acting is extremely horrible, and it is such a disappointment compare to the books. But I love Harry Potter! So amazing :D

green_eyes124 0

18- I'm so scared! haha 19- thank you! lol I know I'm not the ONLY female, I just said it for the dramatic effect but oh well lol

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I agree with 12 a lot of girls don't like twilight and by the way don't bring twilight up in a Harry potter conversation it has nothing to do with it

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Hate Twilight but love Harry Potter, grew up watching those movies :)

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I grew up watching Harry Potter : And HP is absolutely amazing<3

Ugh. "Grew up watching Harry Potter." Y'all do realize they were BOOKS first, right? Like the pages with words on it. I hate when HP is mentioned and someone says, "Oh, I hate/love those movies." Guh. /endfangirlrant

There are actually many girls who despise Twilight. Maybe you should stop having so many fangirl friends. ......Ronald Weasley. <3

Ali_Br_fml 33

I too grew up with the BOOKS (10 turning 11 when I first read it), & as I revisited my past, upset with them for screwing up the previous movie, I'm mad they messed up this one too. for a 2 part movie, it seemed to fly by the details as if they were minor. And WTF was that about Voldemort (frigging iPod autocorrect trying to make me say goldsmith) finding the wand so early? Um... they were supposed to figure out about the deathly hallows, & HP was supposed to almost go to it after realizing that he wanted it. he was supposed to complain about his broken wand and how he needed a new one, the elder wand. The last one better be epic since they blew by so much of the story. and worst of all were the people in the theater asking what's going on while we are trying to watch. Read the book & you shall find out. the movie went by it too quickly for you noobs to know anyway... Books, you know, the thing with pages and words. That's what he videogames you young-uns play and have the nerve to say "wait! that wasn't in the movie" makes me wanna smack em... But I would never play those games. they'd make me mad at em for missing so much of the book. & what about that stupid horn that was supposed to blow up? I wanted to see Luna's room. & @ Godric's Hollow, I wanted to see the statue with Lilly, James & baby Harry. I wanted to see the house where they had a memorial and graffiti wishing Harry luck... & Harry was supposed to take the eye from umbridge's office. Hedwig was supposed to be In the cage when she died, & Harry was supposed to give himself away by doing expelliarmus on Stan, since when did the owl save him to die? Aah, and that's just a little of what they missed. I'm not even gonna get to the part where harry was supposed to ask the goblin to lie, or the deal he made... maybe in the next movie, though they messed up with Voldemort and the wand... Crap, my replies are always long. Sorry ppl. Ah well, you can scroll & skip this... whew, typing on an iPod is harder than I'd like...

65- One reason twilight is brought up so frequently in discussions about HP is because in GoF Voldemort killed they sparkly, creepy, pansy of a vampire. He just went by another name: Cedric Diggory. I'm not a fan of the movies, but I will watch GoF to see Robert Patinson die. I love the books though.

I do like twilight but it's honestly not a very good book series. I used to love it but now I don't really like it but I still love the movies...

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Good God!!! I didn't realize my comment would cause people to freak out. I have my opinions you have yours. Take it or leave it but don't be rude about it.

92- I completely and fully agree. I don't think it was as much of a travesty as HBP, but there was a lot of important details dropped. I have to admit I'm kind of used to that by now, after seven movies missing key story elements. And just to add in my opinion of Twilight: decent books/entertaining story....godawful movies. Kristen Stewart's atrocious acting makes me weep.

My opinion: they both suck

wow 92 if I read all that then I could prolly say I grew up reading your fml comment

92 i WISH they put that all in the movie but it would be too damn long. and you know what, its a loss for people who haven't truly read all the books. but damnnit if they did put all that in the movie and it ended up being like 5 hours i'd watch that shit LOL i know how you feel, during the whole movie i was like 'OMG THEY FORGOT'..'THAT DIDNT HAPPEN'..'WAT' lol

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Yeah.. I don't like Twilight either, I don't understand what's the big deal with that movie -_-

Ugh, once again, Twilight was a BOOK series. It's sad how many people on the internets don't know about those things with the words on the pages. So sad.

you don't look like a girl...very mannish.

What exactly does that have to do with this thread?

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92 i COMPLETELY agree. during the whole movie i was constantly pissed off about all the little details. i know movies are never exact but i was really looking forward to how they would portray some of that stuff in the movie. garrr. not enough use of polyjuice potion :)

ArielTheMermaid 17

twilight sucks. team Longbottom!!

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Most people I know hate Twilight, get over yourself.

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Dude, Harry Potter is the best piece of magical shit you will ever read, and twilight is just literally a piece of shit that belongs in the toilet. And yes I'm a girl. So don't disgrace females by saying we all like that stupid twilight shit.

too bad the movie was pretty epicc

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harry potter sucks magical dicks

the movie was majorly epic it was the best

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Harry Potter is the most gayest movie in the entire world. I hope he chokes on his stupid gay wand.

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ohhh I see what you did there, (:

^^^KingDingALing your an idiot if you think Harry potter is a bad movie it's the best, better than whatever lame movies you watch grow some balls and realize that Harry potter is a great series, it's probably to advanced for you anyway

yes 53 and take ur big ass and fugly face elsewhre and dun insult the greatest movie of all time bitch... just an opinion(;

says the person who's username is KingDingALing...

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It seems like people either hate harry potter or love it but I think it's medium.

hey 45 why don't you and Harry go **** each other with his double-headed "wand"

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Ydi for going to watch Harry Potter lol

You suck. Harry Potter FTW!

Cant you just watch it again?