By vw - 20/02/2012 05:05 - United States

Today, I was talking to my grandpa while he was gardening outside. Suddenly I feel this hard, salty thing fly into my mouth and I spit it out. It turned out to be a beetle. My grandpa takes one look at the beetle and says, "Well, at least that poor bug finally got you to shut up." FML
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Maybe you should take that as a hint and quit bugging your grandpa.

Better than something else hard and salty.


Maybe you should take that as a hint and quit bugging your grandpa.

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I can honestly say that my grandpa would do the exact same thing to me. -__-

Anyone read it as "then HIS hard salty thing flew Into my mouth", or just me? xD

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I read hard and salty and thought "op, what the ****... With grandpa?!"

Yea, I thought this was going to a very dark place when it said, "hard salty thing flew in my mouth".

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They say what they think and dont care who hears

Your grandpa is funny. And learn to shut up! :P

it's always kind of surprising when an old person says something like that, but they know they can get away with it, which makes it hilarious

Maby u were going to say somthin bad so god threw a beatle into ur mouth to make u stop befor embarising anyone At least it wasnt a vw beatle

Which Beatle? You don't have that many choices here. :[ R.I.P. John Lennon & George Harrison.

isn't it difficult and time consuming to intentionally spell every word so horribly?

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You need to turn your autocorrect back on. 0__o

*maybe *you *something *beetle *your *you *before *embarrassing *beetle

What jerk would thumb down your comment. When it's true... Damn Commies!

How was OP disrespecting their elders? Idiot

Better than something else hard and salty.

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i thought the same thing xD sorry OP stop buggin ur grandpa

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Your grandpa should appriciate that you're spending time with him. Most kids dont nowadays. But the beetle thing is disgusting

Your grandpa is so cute! Maybe you should consider talking less next time..