By missTyfied - / Saturday 25 August 2012 19:11 / Philippines - Sucat
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By  enchantiful  |  2

Aw, that stinks!

By  teresee  |  8

What a stinky situation. Yes, I just did that.

By  saintsrocksocks  |  10

That's just shitty. Jesus what is my problem. If you were wondering, I also thumbs myself down.

By  ap7diamonds  |  1

What a shitty situation.


Today, I ate a wonderful meal, after which I fell asleep on my couch and had a dream that my husband was passionately kissing me. I woke up to realize it was actually my cat licking bits of food out of my teeth. FML

By laureri / Friday 13 March 2015 21:45 / United States - Princeton Junction
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