By missTyfied - 25/08/2012 19:11 - Philippines - Sucat

Today, I had to hunt down and collect a stray dog's feces for my parasitology class. FML
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Vegeto30294 19

That doesn't sound fun no matter how you try to make it sound.

The things we have to do for an education.


Vegeto30294 19

That doesn't sound fun no matter how you try to make it sound.

theslimshadylp 6

Is there really a career field for this?

42 - I'm guessing OP is in vet med, in which case, yes, unfortunately there is.

You should look for horse shit, they have the fastest springing spores known to man. There is nothing faster than horse shit spores.

Inheritance 10

If you start putting it in paper bags and burning it on people's front porch we have an issue.

"Ok kids, let's pick up a roundwormed dog's poop!" Yeah, you're right. That doen't sound fun.

Or you could say you looked all night but didn't find any, that works too. Either way, FYL

What a stinky situation. Yes, I just did that.

Rule #1 in fml: bad puns = instant death.

chickenflem 8

Unless of course u are pun number 2. This guys pun was bad anyways. Shitty situation would have been better.

CherryLipBalm 1

If you are gonna do it, you need to do it right! Well that is a shitty situation! ^SHITTY^

ahh.. Noor, you always have the right thing to say :)

KiddNYC1O 20

You must walk the plank and fall into shark-infested water.

The things we have to do for an education.

And here we go with the shitty jokes...

celine21_fml 0

Lol I love your profile picture, I saw it on ifunny

That's just shitty. Jesus what is my problem. If you were wondering, I also thumbs myself down.

If you know your comments are so lame that you actually thumb them down yourself then maybe try not commenting in the first place?

I'm just doing this for your amusement. Down thumbed or not, you were amused.

Life_sucks_13 6

That sucks. But in the world of animals it's gotta be done everyday...well minus the tracking it down. But looking for parasite eggs in feces is.

Not just eggs, but also the adult parasites

olpally 32

Didn't you see the above comments??? Damn, you people are idiots!! *thumbs down* ****! As for op, well, good luck with that.