By Madzison - 06/02/2012 10:08 - Australia

Today, I had to have a serious talk with my boyfriend about his Miley Cyrus obsession. FML
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At least it's not Justin bieber

Quit being so possessive! Share him with Miley, so he can have the best of both worlds!


Better than a Hannah Montannah obsession

I'm more of a Lilly fan *blush*

Hey, everyone has an obsession.

Dude needs to hop on the Ryan Gosling bandwagon.... The Notebook... Enough said

Doesn't beat my obsession with Rebecca Black.

I have an obsession with Slenea Gomez. Nobody can best her!

This FML would have been so much funnier if he was like 23 or something.

81 - Maybe he was...

83 - Or maybe he is.

your boyfriend does not need a "serious talk" , he needs a therapist.

59- I have an obsession with two door cinema club :S

At least it's not Justin bieber

There both over rated little girls with no talent. I don't see the difference.

#2 I was going to say that :'c

85, you don't see the difference between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber OR there and they're.

I think Justin bieder is Miley Cyrus he just puts a wig on, but Hannah Montana she is just her own superstar


Quit being so possessive! Share him with Miley, so he can have the best of both worlds!

why perdix :( I thought of that first

vaginal intercourse! ...Oh? we're not saying dumb shit purposely. my apologies.

Apparently you didn't 7, his comment was 3rd and yours was, well, 7.

No one help him! let's see if #98 can figure it out by themselves

He just wants the best of both worlds Op. :)

see his comment on #3

See 131... Geez guys, worse things happen in the world then a double comment.. He could've misspelt something!

just one second late ..

I know a 50 year old man that is obsessed with her.

Cool story, bro.

What chapter do you shut the fuck up?

I know a 23 year old anaconda that is obsessed with her.

25. Why you so angry. Obviously it's fun to stir shit up. But you let them initiate it. Is it because you have hairy legs?

Do u guys think I was talking about me? Cause I'm a girl.. And I'm not anywhere near 50..

25- underage porn put a shirt on

Give him a Metallica cd. That'll help him.

Let's introduce him to better music a little bit slower, we don't want to overload and kill him.

The classics IV man :)

If Metallica can't cure a Miley obsession, we'll need a heavy dose of System of a Down.

stevenJB 25

Lol ^

Miley cyrus gives him more boners than you ever will

What is wrong with that? She is hot. It's like any girl obsessed with Justin Bieber

Yeah, he's hot...wait, what?

Ewwh Justin Bieber is awful!! I don't have a clue what was going through Selina's head.. Smh

That sounded like you admitting Justin bieber is hot. Which is true... He is. Kidruahl4life

Okay, he's not ugly, he just looks like a girl...

And thats what girls like

Just tell your boyfriend to picture Billy Ray running down the beach with his mullet waving in the wind if he ever fantasizes about her.

11, that could break his heart, his achy breaky heart!

XD Mullets would be enough to turn me off anyway, let alone her freaking dad.

Why would you have to have any sort of talk with him about that? If he's dangerously obsessed with her, yes. But if it's just her music, then so what?

Her herself is amazing . RESPECT HER