By pigtails - 16/01/2013 12:21 - United Kingdom - Thetford

Today, management told me that I couldn't have a doorbell on my door. How did they get my attention to tell me this? By ringing my doorbell. FML
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Eliseopwns 22

Hey, then get an old fashioned knocker :3


Eliseopwns 22

Hey, then get an old fashioned knocker :3

Or you could replace the door bell with a blow horn that goes off whenever someone opens your door :P

Little kids selling stuff for clubs are the worst. Amount of times doorbell rung= amount of times they say "nyan" in the nyan cat song.

Werken247 14

@1 Everyone loves knockers! ( o Y o )

For anyone on the app, you sir, have the weirdest rack I've ever seen.

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Am i the only one who doesnt think this is an fml its just irony....

I am blown away by the fact that you are not allowed to have a doorbell.

Was being "extremely ironic" in the job description? But on a serious note, they probably knocked and you didn't hear them. This would actually help assert your point of keeping it.

Pre sure she means management of the block she lives in...not a job!!

Realized that after, but my comment still applies, considering being management of a block is still a job.

You should install that water squirter thing on the doorbell so that you show him what you think of his idea. It might then ring true that the doorbell is necessary. What a bell-end.

the irony is practically ringing in op's ears.

Oh no! You can't have a doorbell? End of your career, eh?

Why do they want it gone? It obviously helps.

hamrtym 15

Take it off and ignore their knocking until they let you put it back on. Let them knock themselves out.

perdix 29

Replace the illiegal doorbell with some great knockers. Once they see your knockers, lots of guys will want to enter.

How big would these knockers be if they're anything smaller than a C lang I won't enter. If there D ing D ong ill rush in

perdix 29

#16, I don't know about you, but I'd rush in for a Ho-Ho.

Be careful of Ho-Ho's. They are known to-- Sno Ball you. :P ***Hostess snacks and Urban Dictionary has corrupted my mind. :O

perdix 29

#31, I try to avoid Urban Dictionary ever since I learned what an Alabama Hot Pocket is (no one should look this up!), so what does Sno-Ball mean?

'no one should look this up' ......that's like 'don't touch, wet paint' to me..... Guess where I'm off to!

This way you can use the excuse that you didn't hear your boss knock.