By pigtails - / Wednesday 16 January 2013 12:21 / United Kingdom - Thetford
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  tskat2  |  3

No just... No

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

Was being "extremely ironic" in the job description? But on a serious note, they probably knocked and you didn't hear them. This would actually help assert your point of keeping it.

  Shiifti  |  1

Pre sure she means management of the block she lives in...not a job!!

By  Pleonasm  |  31

You should install that water squirter thing on the doorbell so that you show him what you think of his idea. It might then ring true that the doorbell is necessary. What a bell-end.

  Catkam623  |  27

How big would these knockers be if they're anything smaller than a C lang I won't enter. If there D ing D ong ill rush in

  perdix  |  29

#31, I try to avoid Urban Dictionary ever since I learned what an Alabama Hot Pocket is (no one should look this up!), so what does Sno-Ball mean?

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