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  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

71, At least he's dead now, so he's released from whatever troubles he had in life. Maybe his life sucked, seeing as how no one noticed he passed away, but finally, it doesn't matter anymore.

  Rachel1987  |  4

I love how you all assume the dead guy had no friends or family. Immediately after death the body begins to break down and everything gets released. It doesn't take long to start smelling horrendous. Also, it's pretty normal to go a day or two without seeing friends/family. Try to think before getting so sentimental.

By  Spade606  |  6

Cause of death: heartattack of too much masterbation

  desireev  |  17

Somebody did notice. They could smell him. And he wasn't gone. He was there. That's how the abundant smell of death got into OPs apartment.
Just stating the obvious.

By  Ozuru  |  11

Ouch. Though, due to laws of physics, how did that happen? The smell wouldn't be going up naturally, it would be going down...he must be about a week old. FYL.

  kimmy91  |  12

When someone passes away their body can start to smell really quickly. I'm a nurse and have seen alot of death. I'm sorry OP, I hope you weren't close to your neighbor because that's really sad. Sounds like they died alone :(