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Today, I found out that the only thing worse than a psycho, overbearing, controlling girlfriend is a psycho, overbearing and controlling ex-girlfriend. FML
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There is one thing worse, having a psycho, overbearing, controlling ex girlfriend who is the mother of your children.

Testicles are very sensitive, so If he were to suddenly grows a pair then that would make him even more vulnerable. If you want him to be tough then he should lose a pair. If you want him to be REALLY tough then he should grow a ****** -- those things can really take a pounding


Change all your passwords, the locks on your doors and if you own a pet rabbit - now would be a good time to have it live with a friend for a while...

She'll get over it, just hope she doesn't get to you before she gets over you.

Sounds like it may be too late for the OP, wish I knew what happened!!

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Well, at least he was smart enough to get rid of her! other FML's just complain about how much their lives suck because of their significant other. Like.. Really? xD

Good luck OP, sounds like you're going to have a bad couple of weeks.

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What do you need to know dreamer? Why they broke up? Or why she's crazy? I think the answer is in the question. Op I recommend setting up the ex with a sensitive, vulnerable guy. She would like that and get her off your back.

OP must feel like Alan Harper right now

I don't think trying to set your ex up with someone else is ever a good idea. Especially if she is nuts!

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Cuz they rapin' errybody out here!

Testicles are very sensitive, so If he were to suddenly grows a pair then that would make him even more vulnerable. If you want him to be tough then he should lose a pair. If you want him to be REALLY tough then he should grow a ****** -- those things can really take a pounding

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Ohhhh, this is a process...first you gotta change your locks, warn your family and friends, have someone take care of your pet, possibly move out & change your name...oh! and you gotta get a new car too. Don't want her following you. Might as well change your name too. While you're at it, get a nose job and colored contacts. And the next time she comes around, you throw her off when she asks for you. Just say "OP's original name" doesn't live here and never has. She'll really go crazy then.

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There is one thing worse, having a psycho, overbearing, controlling ex girlfriend who is the mother of your children.

You have just turned 19 a few months ago and have already decided you never ever want kids? :(

Well I wanted kid's, it's just you often do not find how crazy your partner can become, either that or you just don't see it until a certain point.

#3, by the way you look there, seems like you talking from some sort of terrifying experience !

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Just because he had a vasectomy done, doesn't mean he can never have kids. The surgery is reversible, and the reversing of it is just as easy as the vasectomy itself. Also, if he's 19, I'm sure the vasectomy makes college much better. ;)

KingofAmazing- Just as easy to reverse?? You're a urologist now? The fact is that a vasectomy takes about 10 minutes and can be done under local anesthesia in the office. Reversing it, on the other hand, takes an incredibly skilled microsurgeon 3 hours to do under a high-powered microscope, and it's considered one of the most difficult procedures in medicine. Don't talk out of your ass, because when you do you tend to expose your ignorance.

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I always look through the fml comments to see one from you DocBastard.

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Also, even if it is reversed.... You are not guaranteed to be able to have children again. I have delt with plenty of people that had theirs reversed but they still were unable to have kids. Another thing. I'm sure he means that's what he PLANS to do considering you have to be a certain age (usually between 22-25) or have an illness that can be passed to your offspring in order to get them. SOME doctors will still do them but it's gonna cost a lot of money because insurance WILL NOT cover it.

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Then OP needs to stop going after psycho, overbearing, and controlling girlfriends.

My friend tried to get a vasectomy done, and the doctors said he had to be a minimum age of 25 before they could perform the procedure. So how did a 19 year old get one?

I read ozzy osbournes biography, and he had a vasectomy. Eventually Sharon wanted kids again, and they tried to get it reversed. Turned out it didnt work, but ozzy described the aftermath as like "a dry sneeze" every time he... You know... Choked the chicken

Damnit Doc! Now i have to get used to looking for you by your new profile pic Dx

Waffles, it won't stay up for long. I'll be updating it again soon. :)

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I've got worse... A psycho overbearing controlling ex girlfriend whose mother is also a psycho controlling nut who would stick up for her daughter through anything.

When I had my V done @26 or 27 my doc said normally they don't do them unless you're @ least 35 & have 1-2 kids already or a medical/genetic issue you DON'T want passed to a child. I was already considered sterile but asked for it anyway just to be sure for my benefit & the fact 2 psycho exes of mine claimed to have gotten pregnant by me(1 with twins & the other supposedly miscarried later) it was all BS on their parts, but I'm glad I did it anyways (mom is bipolar & dad is schizophrenic & the other 5 of my siblings are 1 or the other or both...I, thankfully only have clinical depression)

This situation should have been avoided. Know someone before dating them.

That's the point of dating someone. To get to know them.

When people start to date, they tend to hide their defaults until further on into the relationship. If she was to show her true colours from the start, she would die a lonely crazy cat lady.

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That's why I don't "date". All you get to know on one of those is the image of themselves the other person wants to present to you - usually a very superficial and downright made up version of who they wish they could be. I find just spending time as friends for a while tends to work way better. There's no pressure, so you actually get a look into their real character. However, its entirely possible not to know every part of someone for years. We're complex creatures, and oftentimes our ugliest colors show only under specific conditions, which may not present themselves for a long time.

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Shes gonna start stalking you everywhere.

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I'm pretty sure piece of paper is not going to stop this one.

Is she by any chance the we-didn't-break-up-it-was-just-a-fight-now-we-can-get-married crazy girlfriend?

Whoa, dude, I actually didn't see your comment until I posted mine. Sorry, please don't think I copied you. >.

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I had a girlfriend exactly like that.

Change all your numbers, get a restraining order, and pray that jail scares her enough.

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If she's phsyco I doubt that jail will scare her

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How many numbers can you have?

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You could have a cell phone number and wait...what's that? Home phone number!

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You really need evaluate the women you start dating and seriously put your foot down. let them know that you wear the pants in this relationship and in past relationships. You better get these females you meet in check before your "Man Card" expires.

Or, alternately, you can let them know you don't wear pants at all* in relationships. *results may vary |the kid|

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Both the pants and the "Man Card" can easily catch on fire when a psycho girlfriend is involved.

That goes without being said, luckily I've never had to experience it. I'm sorry OP!

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I've experienced it. It sucks. And i found out that despite paying to block them, you cant block iMessage so i had to disable that too.