By Anonymous - 11/09/2012 19:16 - Sweden - Guayanilla

Today, I had a serious talk with my boyfriend about our relationship troubles. He stopped me in the middle of a sentence with a huge fart. FML
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"Better out than in" -Shrek

MolesterStallone 13

I have a feeling he wasn't listening!


MolesterStallone 13

I have a feeling he wasn't listening!

No, you think so?

MolesterStallone 13

I said it so I would say no shit?

Boygenius50 8

"Team Peeta" in 3's bio ruined all credibility they may have had.

Meh, I just thumbed myself down. I admit that comment was shit. I could have come up with better. And I didn't check or change my description for a while so I just added to the Peeta part, because I'm starting to dislike the teams thing, it reminds me too much of Twilight. :/ So now I support Peeta Bread. :]

I don't care how old you are, farts are and always will be humorous. He just wanted to bring light to the situation.

It's such a funny sound!

32: Edit it again. You're 13 and in no position to address anyone else as "child".

#1 nice car .. what is it?

Its a Nissan GTR.

JocelynKaulitz 28

"Was that a fart? I can taste it…on my tongue. Is that onion?…onion and ketchup" -Seth Rogen (Step Brothers)

Lol you for real bro

32- I still do call myself a kid, though. I'm not one of those kids who think they're all grown up. My friends and I just have a running joke where we call people "child". Even each other. :) I know it's not that funny. And I do regret my earlier comment. I just thought it was obvious, but I guess most didn't think so. I'm sorry for being rude, 1. :/

MolesterStallone 13

You are forgiven :)

iiDangerCloseBK 6

Maybe that's a sign to move on?

"I broke up with my boyfriend cause he farted"

Andrew910 5

It's a sign that he needs to poop.

25 - well maybe that was his answer to how much he cared...

People commenting on fml are so quick to tell the OPs to move on...

"Better out than in" -Shrek

SuaSponte 1

"Did you just soil yourself? Maybe.. It did sound a little wet, right at the end. Let's have a smell..wafting, wafting.. Oh, everyone likes their own brand, don't they? Okay, smells like carrots and throw up." -Austin Powers, Goldmember.

007type 26

Or: Better out then in. - Hagrid (HP2)

hopsinlove17 26


maxmex13 7

"Believe me Donkey if it was me you'd be dead" -Shrek

B-but Hagrid wasn't talking about farting then sucking it back up your hole. He was talking about expelling slugs from your mouth! Different situation, mate!

"It ain't comin off no stone neither..." Donkey

Mother told me it's not good to hold it in. Squeeze, flex, and squirt it out!

MrBrightside21 20

"I had my mouth open and everything. You gotta give me a warning or something." -Noble Steed(shrek)

joep1 7

It's natural! Hes very open with you just not at a good time. Sorry op.

Petepoop 6

You obviously haven't smelled my farts...

joep1 7


Or he is just trying to get dumped. :P

snakeassault 0

/me deploys downvote umbrella Very nice picture 5.

Gas ALWAYS takes priority...

I love how in all FML's people are like "move on blah blah" Like no just stop. No relationship is perfect , if OP is with him then that means she likes/loves him.

senbonzakura90 3

That pretty much says what your boyfriend thinks about the relationship sorry OP

senbonzakura90 3

Fuck you guys

Continue your sentence with a slap

Better out then in

Sounds familiar...

#11 You crack one out then suck it back in? That's talent, right there! Form a line, ladies!

LMFAOwned 9

Surely the farts aren't the reason for the troubles?

Obviously not, just the cherry on top. ;_;