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By Starfucks - 17/12/2015 02:55 - United States - Bensalem

Today, I was in Starbucks with my daughter when she noticed a travel cup she liked. She picked one up and asked for it, but I said no because it was expensive. She angrily slammed it back into its stand and in the process, knocked over a display of ceramic mugs. I had to pay for each broken mug. FML
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fumanshu 9

Assign money to chores, and have her do those extra chores till she works to pay it off herself. That's what my mom did! She taught me a very valuable lesson that way. Good luck op!


Damn. Hope she apologized or at least something.

It would have to be a lot more than just an apology after that.

I would make her work there as punishment. Assuming she is old enough. If not then make her do house hold chores for whatever amount of time.

RA91 26

The title on this one is awesome, lol!

And how many other people scrolled back up just to see the title?? Ha

mads_nicole 19

You should make her earn the money so she can pay you back.

usnwife 18

My 6 yr old decided to ruin his little brothers stuffed animal/lovey. We bought the new one, and he worked his butt of with chores at home until he paid us back. His sister worked just as hard, and got to keep every cent she earned. He also had his special blanket taken away, since he didnt care about his brothers he didnt get his own until he paid us back. He really got the idea, and has been a whole new kid since. Yeah, kids screw up, but there is no reason you can't have them learn from it!

This is the first comment you've made I've seen downvoted.

fumanshu 9

Assign money to chores, and have her do those extra chores till she works to pay it off herself. That's what my mom did! She taught me a very valuable lesson that way. Good luck op!

That's what my mom did when I lost my first phone as well. $34 of chores later and I was determined to not lose the replacement.

I'd've gotten my ass whooped first, and then been made to pay for them. Either from saved money (from about 7 years old I had a bank account, as well as a piggie bank where I would put xmas and birthday (and tooth fairy) money when I decided to save it for something bigger) or by having money assigned to chores like you said. I would have also been grounded until I had completed paying for it.

same with me #14, I would hve been grounded until I worked off what I owed. Its also what I do for my kids now.

Steve97 32

Says the mug is too expensive yet she's getting coffee at Starbucks... At least get the mug for her stocking how expensive could it be? Sorry but ydi on this one especially if you know your daughter can be a brat...

fotomiep 7

So, by allowing her one treat she should go all the way and allow everything? Sorry, but that argument doesn't make sense.

number 26. so she's just supposed to walk on egg shells, or give in when the kid wants something? to avoid a scene? a good parent knows when to say no. if you give in every time that child will become the most entitled of brat. star bucks is expensive, but maybe today it Was a treat, and not an everyday thing. you don't know their life, or their income. you have no right to say what's expensive to them. or any right to tell them how to spend their money. you are just a child yourself. You'll understand one day when you budget and pay bills alone.

The only problem with this is then when they paid it off, they'll only do chores with the expectation of money.

not really #36. My kids have assigned chores to do, and if they don't do them, they get grounded. When my kids are grounded, they lose everything that can help pass the time(meaning TV, cell phones, ipods, tablets, computer except for school, etc).

#36 No they shouldn't, not if you explain it to them. When I broke something at a store when I was little I had to do chores to pay it back, normally I would get t dollars a week for chores, when I broke an expensive item at the store, my mum took the money I had saved up, and then she had me work the rest off and ANY money I got went towards it. Her daughter needs to learn that she has to pay for what she breaks, and she wont get rewards for getting in trouble.

MonstreBelle 28

26- Have you ever seen the girls on My Super Sweet 16 that throw temper tantrums when they don't get the exact expensive car they want? That sense of entitlement is what happens when parents give kids everything they want. All kids act like brats at some point. It's up to parents to teach their kids what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Rewarding their bratty behavior only teaches them that acting like a brat will get them whatever they want. 44- My mom was the same way. She knew boredom was the worst, yet most effective punishment for me. One time I was grounded for refusing to clean my room. I got so bored I started reading the dictionary, so she took that away too lol. I hated the boredom so much she rarely had to ground me for misbehaving. Usually a look and her favorite line of "I brought you into this world and I can take you right back out of it" was enough to get me to stop whatever I was doing that I shouldn't have been

Fun fact: By law you can't be forced to buy something you break.

Maybe, but her kid broke them. It's the responsible thing to do. Like the others are saying the mom should make her pay it back so she learns her lesson. Not show the kid that she can throw a fit and get away with it.

This is exactly my thought too #58, they write it all off on tax as an expense for damaged or soiled goods. Plus if they have insurance (which being a big chain store, they will) then they would claim off of that!

^Absolutely right! #26: oh to be so young and blissfully unaware of reality. It gets better mate. You'll see new perspectives of life when you get about 21 and out of the parents home. You'll find yourself reading newspapers and reflecting on policies the Govt comes up with. I'm happy to buy Starbucks coffee, yet I'm not paying $15 for a mug goddammit. It's about the Market Prices; coffee made by a barista is about $3.50 (New Zealand), and add $2 for Starbucks because of brand and innovation = understandable. But $15 for a mug (made from $0.80 mugs) because it has a label? No thanks. Clarifies it for you? No? Wait until you're paying ALL of your expenses yourself. You'll understand that items vary in VALUE to be considered expensive or not.

You aren't obligated to pay for them, but if you want to, that isn't really your child's responsibility unless they did it intentionally (in which case you are liable) so you have no right to demand that the child pays for it unless they broke them intentionally. That being said, even when you are liable, its for the COST to replace them, not the amount they were asking for. Those "very expensive" mugs are probably worth about 3 bucks a piece before mark up, so if you paid more than that, you definitely deserved it.

Either way its atrocious behaviour and she should have been taught better. 6 year olds are not complete fuckwits they know the difference between right and wrong

#52 is completely right and @#7, I have a sad feeling it's 16. I don't know of too many 6 year olds who like travel coffee mugs ?

Your daughter is quite the brat isn't she? I don't understand why some kids do not understand that no means no. I hope you gave her a whopping and put her on punishment.

dman798 18

Teaching her to respect her surroundings might have helped out a little

lat187 18