By Anonymous - 30/03/2014 10:04 - United Kingdom - Romford

Today, I asked my daughter to buy me two pints of milk. Apparently, the shop only had four-pints, so she got that and poured half down the drain. FML
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At least she knows her math!

Don't cry over spilt milk OP.


At least she knows her math!

But not much else, apparently.

OP forgot to mention her age, meaning this could either be a simple mistake or it could have been done out of spite.

Who still measures milk in pints?

That's why your country should use gallons. It would solve all these problems

68 - Not sure if trolling... But four pints IS half a gallon. If they use pints, they use gallons.

67: It's still fairly common, but probably not the way you're thinking. Often if you get a "single" (single being in quotations because it's usually consumed in one sitting but is actually 2 or 2.5 servings) serving of milk or chocolate milk (like out of the dairy case at a convenience store), it will come in a pint. I bought one the other day.

67, OP is from the UK. It's still common in some parts of the world.

I'm from England but have never heard anyone measure milk in pints, it's measured in litres here

She's not the sharpest spoon in the drawer is she...

I'm also from England and everywhere I've ever seen milk is measured in pints.

#84 , I think the saying is sharpest knife in the drawer .....

@67 Americans. Also, I'm not sure why she couldn't buy a quart, that's two pints, unless there was a need for separate containers.

#94, first if all Americans measure milk in gallons, second if you dont know the answer ,then dont answer it

Actually where I am (in America), you can buy it in gallon, quarts, and pints.

#67 - Who still measures distance in miles? Lots of countries still need to play catchup.

I did something similar to this when I was 6; my mother gave me a $5 bill and asked me to get four quarters from the cashier at the restaurant we were leaving. I went up to the cashier, got the quarters, told the cashier that I didn't need the rest (since I thought my mother only wanted the quarters), and left the restaurant. Needless to say, math and common sense weren't my strong points in school.

112: I don't really see that as your fault. Instead of your mother telling you she specifically wanted four quarters she should have just said four quarters in general. All you did was follow her request.

I think loooloool said "spoon" on purpose to be silly.

Op should not cry over spilt milk.

Seems legit! LMAO.

She's just doing what you asked, OP! Aren't you glad you have such an obedient daughter?

Smart thinking! Now you have 2 pints. Haha

She is your daughter

Hahahaha XD

I don't get it


Don't cry over spilt milk OP.

You... What....... Just take my sword.

I'll take your sword..and poke you with it. Repeatedly.

This wins the comment section bye

She listened to you haha

what the actual fuck did I just read?

A post on FML about someone asking their daughter to get him 2 pints of milk, but instead, she got him a 4 pint and poured half of it out.

Too bad she didn't "milk" it for as much milk as possible. Ehhh

Not as bad as it was before, but still bad.

What I meant, was that he changed the pun. It was something else before but he edited it.

How old is she? O.o In the end u did get two pints of milk :P

You also forgot a comma after the word, "end."

Don't forget to lose the emoticons. You're watching "Extreme Makeover: Comment Edition".