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Today, I had to explain to my teacher that Czechoslovakia is no longer a country. She kicked me out of class when she found out I was right. FML
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There's always gonna be a teacher like that, at least you proved that bitch wrong.

Does she still believe in an East and West Germany or one Korea as well?


There's always gonna be a teacher like that, at least you proved that bitch wrong.

You better not tell her the Germanys have now unified... sssh

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This reminds me of my APES teacher who yesterday tried to tell our class that one plant has more energy in it than a deer that eats the plant because 10% of the energy is transferred. I'm like... It eats more than one plant

26: No, your teacher is correct. Living organisms only absorb 10% of the total energy in their food. This is why the deer needs to eat more than one plant; to get the proper amount of energy and nutrition required.

Make a phone call to your superintendent. I'm sure the school district would love the excuse to fire someone.

37- Digestion also takes energy; making it all the more inefficient.

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#26 She's/He's saying that the plant has more energy than the deer because the plant gains direct energy from the sun, 10% is transferred to the deer, and less is transferred to what ever eats that in the food chain.

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It's the 10% law from basic biology. Only 10% is transferred to the organism higher up on the food chain. The rest of the energy is converted to heat.

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I understand that the plant gets more energy from the sun than it transfers to the deer. You all completely misinterpreted what I said... My teacher was telling us that a lion that ate the deer would get less energy than the deer eating the plant. That is incorrect. The deer eats numerous plants every day accumulating more energy as months go on than a single plant has.

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No 45 I don't but if you're bored you could go take some more mirror pics

No, they're still right. Maybe you should pay more attention in class, hmm?

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So you think eating 1 meal of a deer gives more energy than eating an entire deer? You simply lack common sense and must only read textbooks. Maybe you should work on applying your knowledge rather than memorizing it with brute force. The plant is more efficient but it's net energy is still lower as the deer has eaten more than 10 plants in its life.

#64: "...lack common sense and must only read textbooks..." Considering that famous and practicing biologists WRITE those textbooks, I think you need to reevaluate that particular statement.

And the lion only eats one animal in it's lifetime? 10% of 10% is definitely less than 10%, no matter which way you slice it. Maybe you should spend more time actually learning something rather than trying to make yourself sound smart. You're wrong. I'm not going to play 'who has the bigger dick' with you.

The lion would get less energy eating the deer than the deer would get eating a plant. If you would do your math, you would figure out that the lion is getting one hundredth of the energy that the deer got from eating the plant. 100%•10%•10%=0.01. So what that mean is the lion has to eat 10 deer to obtain the amount of energy the deer gains from eating the plant. So your teacher is right, and you are an idiot. Good day.

64- I just finished learning about that in biology not two months ago. Just quit while you're behind, sir. LOL, post 69....

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I'm not behind, they are just not understanding what I'm saying. The "10% rule" is quite simple; I don't need you to explain it to me. I know that a plant gets more energy from the sun than a deer gets from eating the plant. A deer would have probably consumed thousands of plants in its lifetime though. Is that incomprehensible to you? Yes each plant passes on only .1x its energy but if the deer ate a thousand of them, it still has 100x the energy of one plant. Then when a lion eats the deer it would be getting 10x the amount that the one plant got from the sun. thus, the deer gave more energy in total.

NO NO NO. Stop commenting. You are an idiot! Energy is released through physical activity, digestion, and all things your body does. What you're saying I that the dear will eat 50 plants, and the deer will not use up any more energy. You are an idiot that does not understand BASIC BIOLOGY. Do the world a favor, and DO NOT breed!

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I once had a teacher that I had to tell that the white house was NOT in fact on the back of a penny...I was in kindergarten.

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I'm not trying to sound smart bro. I'm sorry it seems that way, cause I'm simply trying to establish that I'm not an idiot by typing correctly so i dont get buried with thumbs down. I have a point. I admit that I could have been more clear in my original comment, but I know that I'm right

So what you're saying now, is that the only reason you're still commenting is so we know you know how to type correctly. Dude...

LiterOfCola 16

Lmao you're 13 years old and calling me an idiot for not understanding basic biology? I do understand it and yes you have a point that the deer uses energy as well as absorbs it! But it also eats more plants to make up for lost energy and still ends up with an exponentially larger amount of energy than a single plant as it eats thousands within its lifetime and doesn't use all of it. You are now pissing me off. Why intervene in a conversation you weren't even originally part of?

LiterOfCola 16

No I was not talking to you, because you're extremely annoying. I was talking to maninthemachine. I was letting him know that I'm not trying to sound smart, I'm typing legibly so people would give my point a chance instead of dismissing it without a thought like you did you ******* asshole. **** yourself and leave.

I take it upon myself to construct the knowledge of idiots like you. I'm 12, not 13. But I'm turning 13 September 19th and would be more than honored if you told me happy early birthday.

So....we're arguing about a deer and the energy we get from it should we eat it when the fml is about a teacher being a dumbass...?

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im done commenting. But you're just being a prick man. I had a point that's actually right if you took the time to listen. I still never should've written on here but I didn't know everyone would jump me so cya

88's right. This got old when mister 'Ecology Major' got stubborn and started bitching. Let's get back on topic please.

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Sorry for the waste of time everyone, we're arguing about different things to each other. Cya

LiterOfCola: Let me put it this way. Your argument is invalid because you're saying 1 plant has less energy that 'X' number of plants, and then excluding all other plants from the equation. You can't do that, it goes against the entire purpose of math and science. It's okay to be wrong, as long as you learn from it. Think about that.

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86-dude we are the same age. I'm 12 and will be 13 on the same day as you

This whole conversation is a monument of failed communication. Here's the deal: LiterOfCola is saying that a lion gains more energy from eating a whole deer than that deer gains from eating a single plant. This is true. Everyone else is saying that the lion gains less of the energy from the single plant than the deer did when it ate it. Also true. Now can't we all get along?

I just Shoot and eat the deer Then I take a nap. Problem solved. Who cares about a deer eating plants and what energy it gets. I just like the deer fried up and I get all the energy I need. Thank you little plant and deer.

No. No one on fml ever gets along anymore.. Sad day

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Thank you 109 for actually understanding. It makes me feel better that at least 1 person knows what I was trying to say lol

I love your pownage of the wise guy there, but my grammar obsession/compulsion has me needing to say that your semicolon should be a comma.

I got to comment 95 before my brain got so confused that it shut itself down.

If that is truly what you were trying to say Cola, then I apologize. That was a hell of a miscommunication, but we live and learn. :)

LiterOfCola 16

Yes that was what I was trying to say, but I clearly did a bad job. I apologize as well and forgive you. There's just one thing I have to point out. 45 actually took a new mirror pic haha

139 - Er, it's a picture of me and my dog taken by my sister. If you're trying to look like an immature asshole, you're doing a wicked job.

Tell her george bush wants to see her in his oval office.. Because he is of course still the president in her head ._.

As an educator, I believe it's not about proving who is right, but rather getting the correct information to the students. There have been times when they ask a question I don't know the answer to, and so I tell them "I will find out for you." Pride just gets in the way of others.

I agree. After spending a year in the US, I was better in English that my teacher in France. He didn't like that at all!

I would have told the principal or if college then dean. She doesn't have the right to kick you out. Also, a **** you would have been appropriate in this situation and I would have left the class as well trying to bring the rest of the gang as well to be on the side that doesn't deserve to be kicked out. Not all teachers are 100% right. Also, this was a dumb question to begin with because it is an obvious answer.

187 I hope you weren't insinuating that czechoslovakia was still a country when bush was president.

In fifth grade, my teacher thought that Central America was a continent and taught our whole class that there are only three countries in North America. She freaked out at me when I told her there were more.

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Ah it's okay, my English 2 teacher says stuff like "you didn't do nothing" and says ain't a lot... I say ain't but I don't teach English lol

I thought it smelt like teen spirit? Ehh public education is fine.

Ain't is actually in the oxford dictionary...

59- I went to a pretty prestigious private school, and I once argued with my chemistry teacher because she said we could breathe in chlorine gas, and that the fact that it was poisonous was a myth put up by the government.

History and Geography are overrated anyway.

172, I almost mistook your sarcasm as unintelligence. I had a hateful rant forming in my head about how people like you are why the economy is going down, and why it's your fault that cancer is a leading cause of death, and how the pope supports child molesting catholic priests.

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140- Yes, it is in the dictionary. However, people use it wrong frequently. "Ain't" is the the contraction for "am not" and should only be used like, "I ain't" since you'd be saying "I am not." Regardless of whether or not it's in the dictionary now, one still sounds much more educated if they say "I'm not" as opposed to "I ain't."

172 - That may be the case, but we (me) still have to teach it. Geography is very interesting, with the right topic. History is too, again, depending on which history. Maybe you're just ig'nant??

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Not a stupid teacher, a Bad Teacher.

196: It's also used as a synonym for "haven't" and "didn't", and is used regardless of subject-verb agreement. Usage defines correctness. That said, it's obviously a colloquialism and therefore inappropriate for formal language.

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Lol my terrible french teacher kicked me out of class because I corrected her on a word and I was right. I know exactly what ops feeling some teachers just have egos

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Teachers hate saying "I don't know" and they cannot EVER say "I'm sorry."

I had a teacher who told us that being Jewish wasn't an ethnicity (I know it's debated, but she should have at least said so... She said "It's not" as a fact) and also tried to convince us that "funny" is the adverbial form of "fun". WTF?

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Being Jewish is not an ethnicity, it's a religion.

174-people from jerusalem are ethnically jewish..

It's not just teachers. I have to live with that kind of "it's impossible for me to be wrong" attitude everyday, except my "teacher" is my mother-in-law. Ignorance is not always bliss.

#174-- If being Jewish were just a religion, then why didn't all the Jews in the Holocaust just convert? Although you could argue that it was just anti-Semetic propaganda. But the fact that Jews had been outcasts in Europe for centuries, usually having children with other Jews to the point that they developed their own "look" makes me think that there is something to the "Jewishness is an ethnicity" theory... (That said, I am part Jewish, but not religiously.)

I don't know how you all have teachers like that. It may be that my courses are all science and maths based, but I've found that if they don't know something, they'll try work it out, and they encourage us to do the same. In a fair few cases we have proved our teacher wrong, which makes them happy about the work we put in. Maybe it's just an age/country thing though.

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For a teacher she's not that bright is she?

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Everyday, there is just more and more ignorance. It's a shame, really. I wonder how she even got her teaching license?

She probably passed her university classes with a "C." Just because they are certified, doesn't mean they are suited, sadly.

-shrugs- a teacher can pass with straight A's, but that's still not worth much if they don't refresh their knowledge every now and then, and especially if they react like that if someone corrects them.

Don't you just hate when that happens?

I know right happened to me last Tuesday ...

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Actually, the day I got to prove a teacher wrong and embarrass her so badly that she kicked me out of class would make me pretty happy. So, in my opinion, I wouldn't "just hate that".

51 - I have proved my teacher wrong, my textbook wrong, one of the greatest astronomers alive today wrong. I like it.

99- proven* stop trying to pick up chicks on FML.

Yeah, dude, it would suck...Your point, regardless of its sarcasm or not sarcasm, is clearly invalid.

112 - it was a typo, and how would I pick up chicks, over the internet, by being a knowitall?

Know-it-all. But seeing that you have proven astrophysicists wrong, it must be knowitall.

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You have also just proven that you're a major douchebag.

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And people wonder about our school system..

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Nah, not much wondering... we know it's pretty bad.

Does she still believe in an East and West Germany or one Korea as well?

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That would be stupid. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off on a trip to North Germany, followed by a quick stop in West Korea.

Maybe she still thinks the U.S.S.R. is still unified and communism is a major threat.

#50 - That WOULD explain the "duck and cover" video... Jesus, who's going to tell her about all the new presidents?

She probably knows the song of by heart and shall ask you to do like the little mammal-like turtle! *patronizing voice*:' now if you hear that noise children just duck and cover- AND YOU'LL GET YOUR HEAD BLASTED OFF !' thanks for your attention

Usually, adults don't like to be corrected by their students. It hurts their pride and they still want to feel as if they win, so they do that.

That's just being a sore loser. You lose more than you gain that way.