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  _swimcutie_  |  0

What exactly was the inappropriate behavior though? If it wasn't a big deal, than yes ur teacher is a dumbass and FYL indeed. BUT..if I was extremely inappropriate...than't u have rather stay out in the hall then in class? =p just wonderinggg:)

  reyemrein  |  0

Don't be so quick to blame the OP. I am in high school and I've seen teachers punish kids for some pretty stupid reasons. For example, in my algebra class, there was a kid who shrugged off his backpack. As he did this, our teacher walked by him. The backpack grazed her as it fell to the floor. She yelled that he had tried to throw his backpack at her and sent him to the office. He had a broken arm.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#21, how do you know OP is European? He is posting from Oklahoma and there is nothing indicating he is not from the States aside from his spelling. Just wondering.

OP, I don't know if you put inappropriate in quotes because you disagree with your teacher but in any case, wouldn't you rather your parents think you skipped class than to know you were misbehaving in it?

  damienwatkins  |  0

because he spelt behavior as behaviour which only Europeans do. he probably fucked up his location. I know he shouldn't be inappropriate in class but I was actually talking about how if he had done something worse, he wouldve had a more severe punishment. the op was probably just talking about sex in class or something

  crazycornn  |  0

hey it's not OPs fault. I think everyones forgetting that he already was punished by being sent out of class, so he got what was coming to him. you don't need to falsly accuse him of doing somethig he didn't on top of that! just because he was jacking off or whatever xD doesn't mean that he suddenly deserves everything bad that happens! seriously people! use your brains! it might help you some day!!

By  MndM  |  0

oh wow that sucks. if it were me i'd tell my mom the teacher was stupid and didn't know what she was talkn about but that's never happened to me so FYL