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Today, my English teacher kicked me out of class for being "rude and disruptive." In actuality, I had called her out for having blatantly used Google Translate for several example sentences, all of which sounded as if a semi-literate foreigner had constructed them. FML
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They have lowered the standards for teaching degrees so much...

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Sounds like me in Spanish class


They have lowered the standards for teaching degrees so much...

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No kidding, I had a German teacher in school who couldn't speak conversational German. Most of the students in the class took it for free credits because we could.

There are some teachers who legitimately want their students to learn, but not all of us have that luxury, unfortunately.

Maybe they should improve teacher salaries then. I wouldn't be very motivated to be a good teacher only making a little over $30,000 (if that) a year after spending four years in college either.

41-I don't know why you got voted down. You speak the truth. Couple the salary with having to deal with punks whose parents refuse to raise them properly and it's amazing anyone is even interested in pursuing teaching.

Apparently she wasn't horrible. This FML was put together pretty well... I was confused as to why worry one had second language references until I seen the location.

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41- A high salary shouldn't be your motivator if you are a teacher. In my opinion, teachers should teach because they want to educate students. I feel lucky to work with teachers who have the same opinion I do; online charter school teachers get paid worse than traditional instructors, but I see more compassion from them than I ever saw when I was in high school.

@45 PLUS, if you live in the States, the threat of getting fired any day due to budget cuts always hanging over your head. At least my state, anyways...

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2 - seriously, my high school computer class teacher didn't even have a teaching degree. Her previous work experience was using MS word and excel as a secretary... Me and another kid basically ended up being the teachers for the web page design cause she didn't know shit.

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53 - SAW the location. Don't forget to appear literate, yourself.

58, That's great and all but most of us, despite our passions, will pursue careers that have a future. For instance, I'd love to be an actor or visual effects artist but since the chances of making a decent living on that is next to none I have gone into another area I am also interested in. Keep in mind also, in the environment of teaching today the teachers get treated like dirt by students, walked all over, not supported by the schools, community or government and quickly judged for anything they do wrong. That kind of working environment coupled with the weak salary is enough to break down anyone over time. I certainly wouldn't want to do it even if I was really passionate about it.

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41- Teachers in Upstate New York tend to get paid $55,000/year. Plus benefits. At least that's what they get paid at the high school I went to. That's also the base salary for the 2011-2012 school year. I was talking to my English teacher from my senior year and she makes about $77,000/year. Principals make well over $100,000/year. Granted, we're also hurting pretty badly up here, budget wise, and a lot of teachers are losing their jobs. No job security = bad teaching (sometimes).

Actually teachers get paid more than that, trust me I would know, both of my parents are teachers. My dad earns almost £50,000 a year... It's not THAT bad of a job.

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94- Those are really high compared to what teachers at my school make. They pull in around 45,000. Arizona doesn't have a great education budget.

Judging by the OP's english, he's obviously much better at speaking it that his teacher. She should not be teaching that class.

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Sounds like me in Spanish class

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One time, my Spanish teacher said,"yo me lo limpio." All the Spanish speakers in the class, including me, burst out laughing and the other students and the teacher didn't understand what was so funny.

Sounds like my French teacher. She barely teaches us anything and when she does it's complete B.S

yeah, plus the foreign languages they teach us in school hardly prepares us for real conversations when visiting that country.

Where do you all go to school? Lol my French teachers were awesome! Lol they taught us a lot!

Apparently, they live in the land of Incompetent Teachers on planet Zekrom. Does that answer your question?

I'm sure that directly answering someone's question does, in fact, answer their question.

#48 I feel like you should prove yourself.

Glad some of the people in school still pay attention to what the teacher is saying at least!

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Just go with the flow next time. Teachers think they're always correct.

You disrespected google APOLIGIZE! Or face its rath.

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Apologise* for the non-Americans ;)

Either way, apoligize is the wrong spelling..

I have been kicked out for being "rude and disruptive" so many times...hate it! Sorry

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Ever thought you were ACTUALLY being rude and disruptive?

Wow if it sucks, why is it on FML?

27- From my experience, that thought never even crosses their minds. It's genuinely pathetic that teens of my generation feel entitled to do whatever the hell they feel like and don't believe that they are ever in the wrong, and god forbid that anyone punishes them for their behavior, that would be insane.

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You were being rude and disruptive by calling her out in front of the whole class. You should have seen her privately after class to discuss your concerns. You wouldn't shame her in front of everyone and you'd probably get a ********. All the teacher-student videos I see end up that way.

"Praise a friend in front of others, reprove a friend in secret." —Anonymous That applies here, I believe.

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I believe that wisdom does apply here even though it doesn't mention the bonus reward. Did I say "bonus?"

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Hmmm and I wonder where you saw these "student-teacher" videos perdix?! Is it time to renew your **** hub subscription??

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I don't know why that idiot had a paid subscription. There are lots of free student-teacher conference videos on They even have a section dedicated to pizza delivery to hot teachers.

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that's what i thought too. after my teacher told me to see her after class, that i needed to do some "extra credit", i thought for sure my fantasies were coming true. boy wasn't she suprised when i slammed my dick on her desk and told her it was business time.

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Perdix seems to be taking this pizza delivery job very seriously, ahem.

But wouldn't that approach mean that the other students thought they were being taught good English? I've only ever corrected a teacher a couple of times and I believe I did it in private though. I think it's up to you.

Then the teacher should do better research.