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  dickster  |  0

YDI because you didn't specify the type of movement. Were you having unusual spasms where Scotch is the only antidote? Were you simply walking around? Excercising? Changing residences?

How recently did you buy it?

  skroal  |  7

YDI for while moving, asking your wife where she put the alcohol. She told you she threw it out, because it was old. It was Scotch. It's supposed to be old.

  yelwarc  |  0

skroal plz tell me you live in edmonton so I can fucking beat you retarted, so that I will not stumble upon your unfunny bit that you stole from another FML'er.

  horneyhic  |  15

scotch is hard to drink for most ppl most hard alcohol is but as scotch is supposed to be drank strait it's worse than most beer is easy to drink and refreshing

  ooshrooms  |  1

Scotch is whiskey, genius. Read the labels more closely. "Scotch whiskey" "bourbon whiskey" "rye whiskey" "sour mash whiskey" etc.