By rugs - 06/08/2010 04:40 - United States

Today, while moving, I asked my wife where she put the alcohol. She told me she threw it out, because it was old. It was Scotch. It's supposed to be old. FML
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Tell her since she thinks old things are usless, you're going to toss her in the trash if she keeps aging.

sweetdreams999 0

lmao wow you wife must really not be a drinker.


purplebunnyattac 0

hahaha :P too bad.

LMAO! shes smart ;-) dont FYL indeed.. world keeps movin..

Ali_Br_fml 33

well, she's a keeper, isn't she?

JohnnyHobo 0

Haha aw I'm 15, and even I'm not that dumb.

Shookitup 0

ew...FYL for drinking alcohol. gross.

alcohol is for noobs...

Yeah sorry for you dude Fuck your life !

umm actually Scotch isn't for noobs. try a scotch on the rocks and sip. it's not a shot. will give u a diff perspective

Igniculus 0

Nooooo! Not the scotch!

VampireKiller59 0

boohoo buy some tequila and stop bitchin

bHahahaahahah sucks to be youuuuuu!!

Scotch is waaaaaay better than tequila dude. what the hell are you talkin about?

Better get her ass to a liquor store and have a lesson on what good spirits are. tossing out a good vintage scotch is tantamount to homicide.

OochenSnoochen 15

it's times like these that throwing your wife out is justified.

16 your picture is really cool. did you just use a flash or is that Photoshop?

Why is the rum always gone

do the same with the wife. Tell her: "you're old"

yes #73 we should ask Mr.Sparrow where's the rum gone?

29; Tequila tastes like rat piss. Smirnoff Double Black for the fucking win.

ElMundio87 0

agreed with 35. scotch is amazing. if you think it's for noobs, wait til you try it and your mouth goes numb

DuckOnAStick 0

Lol @21

GamerGoddess 0

but... why is the scotch gone?!

ChocolateEclaire 0

Hard lemonade ftw :D

no.. koolaid jammers

fuck alcohol. cocaine is where it's at. jk I'm not Kenny powers

solecism 0

Kenny Powers is fucking in, you're fucking out!

uhazsquiads 0

81, how do YOU know what rat piss tastes like O_o

I enjoy the way all the 15 year olds are all like "Booze is bad"

dickster 0

YDI because you didn't specify the type of movement. Were you having unusual spasms where Scotch is the only antidote? Were you simply walking around? Excercising? Changing residences? How recently did you buy it?

your wife is retarded fyl

YDI for while moving, asking your wife where she put the alcohol. She told you she threw it out, because it was old. It was Scotch. It's supposed to be old.

YDI for drinking alcohol, you alcoholic. Jk I love alcohol :)

skroal plz tell me you live in edmonton so I can fucking beat you retarted, so that I will not stumble upon your unfunny bit that you stole from another FML'er.

omg #5 what u thought noone would know what ur name means hahaha

skroal am gonna shoot in the ass with swad off shotgun

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Rum rum rum rum yum yum. love the rum.

sukhdeep 4

wow drinking is bad!

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cool story bro 

BENuke 0

alcohol makes bad stuff go away. personally I like gin and liquor, but I can go for a good scotch.

my dad had a 50 year old Scotch... I WIN

YDI for not drinking Capri Sun instead

Shookitup 0

ohh sorry I'm late ^.^ @ 70 it's the sun hitting me

112; figure of speech dumbass.

RickYBobbY1337 0

punch to the back of her head!

MeAlec 1

YDI for being married to a dumb ass

is she blonde??? if so then that's not suprising.

damn next time tell her you like your scotch like your women, single and aged 18 years.

newmxr 0

green label ftw!!

newmxr 0

green label ftw!!

Too bad?!? U don't throw away old scotch!

Tell her since she thinks old things are usless, you're going to toss her in the trash if she keeps aging.

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Mmmm scotch on some rocks, or with a bit it cola in the winter, warms the soul.

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ur wife is retarded

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sweetdreams999 0

lmao wow you wife must really not be a drinker.

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I'm tweleve and I no that some alcohol is aged

sexybeastwon 0


Shookitup 0

you're twelve...and your name is sexybeast? not cute

DuckOnAStick 0

Haha I thought the same thing.... Besides the cute part :o

It's Jessi Slaughter you guys..

dealerdon 0

wine will continue to age after bottling other than that once bottled it stops aging just a helpful tip

Sexybeast i bet your a little squeker fag so stfu

fyourlife1990 0

scotch?I hear beer is much better(you gotta be 21 to drink, I'm only eh 14)

sweetdreams999 0

beer is never better. yuck

Red Bull & Vodka is dhe best! :)

beer is better

sweetdreams999 0

vodka ftw!

vodka is the shit

Yes it is! :) Soooo much better dan beer, and u don't gotta drink as much. Watch more could u want?

pfft I dunno beer is pretty damn awsome

moonshine is the way to go. ;)

scotch is hard to drink for most ppl most hard alcohol is but as scotch is supposed to be drank strait it's worse than most beer is easy to drink and refreshing

guckylynn 19

Red bull and vodka can kill you. You're not supposed to mix an upper and a downer.

Beer is fuckin nasty! I don't like tequilla, but basically everything else on that pretty little list up there, I'm willing to go with lolz.

Ha, maybe it can kill u...but it's still my favorite. Cuz ur wasted, but ur hyper as fuck too! ahhh, so great.

YDI for drinking Scotch. Yuck. Rum! Gin! Beer! Anything but Scotch. #2 wins 3 interwebz.

mpdvyper 5

I feel your pain

Scotch is delicious but it doesn't beat rum and whiskey. Buy another bottle and beat her with it.

Scotch is whiskey, genius. Read the labels more closely. "Scotch whiskey" "bourbon whiskey" "rye whiskey" "sour mash whiskey" etc.

sourgirl101 28

Ohh someone knows their shit! Don't forget the "Canadian whiskey" and ofcousre "Irish whiskey" such as "Jameson". That's where Jenna got her porn name.

Ohh someone knows their porn!!

YDI for drinking

You seem fun.