By Anonymous - 23/03/2013 15:21 - Norway - Trondheim

Today, I went to the airport after saying goodbye to my, for some reason, giggling boyfriend. I learnt why he was so cheerful when I opened my purse in front of the guards, only to find pink-furry handcuffs, and a huge dildo. They pretended not to know what it was. FML
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Pretended not to know what it was? "What is this? I'm going to have to show this foreign object to the sniffer dogs, it could contain drugs." That could have been even more embarrassing.

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My girlfriend is flying out of town tomorrow. Must do this.


awkward...but hilarious. Stick with him, he has much funnyness.

Awkward, but lets just put some poor logic into play...

Now you have to figure out how to get him back!

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LOL!!! sorry but this is funny. fyl though!

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Get him back, use them both when you get back

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Not as "akward" as spelling awkward wrong. :-)

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That's a waste of a first answer!

^ Sadly, that happens a lot on FML. Get used to it. My boyfriend plays jokes/pranks on me all the time and I love it. Plus, I get to pull a prank on him. Laughter is the best medicine!

That would be so embarrassing but kind of funny

That's an understatement. Those security guards must have been very professional not to even giggle a little.

In this scenario yes, But one of my friend's friend put a note saying 'death to America' in his baggage just for lulz while he was traveling from Pakistan to US... The lulz died the moment my friend had to be detained for hours of questioning. As for me... I wanted to bash the guys head for even thinking of something as stupid as this and try to call it a 'joke'

It could have been a knife instead of a big rubber Dick. Consider it a win.

58, I'm still in shock after reading your post. That isn't funny at all. My friend drew penis' all over my windows as a joke. She forgot I live in a condo association and when I saw my vehicle, in the morning, I had neighbors writing down my license plate. I received a ton of complaints. I made her wash my vehicle and she felt like shit for not thinking about the rules, while living in a COA. If someone is going to pull a break, it has to be thought thru, thoroughly! I would have laughed it off if I didn't live in such a restricted area.

If OP's boyfriend did this now, then what he does on April Fools Day will probably make him boyfriend of the decade!

Or century. If it is an awesome one, I hope it is recorded and posted on YouTube.

Pretended not to know what it was? "What is this? I'm going to have to show this foreign object to the sniffer dogs, it could contain drugs." That could have been even more embarrassing.

"This aubergine is a little thin, isn't it?!"

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Cos I sure as hell ain't doing it for you. I still have those pink-furry handcuffs attached.

Hmm, that explains where the handcuffs went. So where's the...other thing?

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Neither is your spelling or punctuation, but I'm sure we can have a good laugh about it anyway.

*sigh* I suppose I shall emerge from the shadows for this one. tennis06: First off, there are three different commenters above you. If you wish to reply to an individual, I suggest you specify. If you don't like a comment, you can either thumb down said comment or post a RELEVANT reply. Saying "ur an idiot..that wasn't even funny," is neither witty nor intelligent. The lack of proper grammar and punctuation is appalling, to say the least. I could bring up your profile description as well, but that seems redundant.

16s a hard age #44, so much teen angst to be had

Am I the only one on the edge of my seat praying 37 responds to these allegations? Hopefully he can come up with some more creative wisdom to bestow upon us! I can't wait!

I'll respond to us all on his behalf: "fuq u all, ur so gay, so is ur mama"

Ahh a good old FML mauling. I think 37 has learned the lesson and will use proper English on FML from now on. Oh and be happy this wasn't 4chan or else you would be 10 times deeper in trolls, grammar nazis, and the classic douche.

"shut up #83 ur just a asswhole. No1 fynds u funny. git lost."...**sorry, I've snapped out of it now**.

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"Shut up 83 I taught ur mom a lesson last nite and went 10 tyms deeper in her"

TheRandomIndian 17

I'm 16 and would like to apologise on behalf of most teenagers. We're not ALL vapid and borderline illiterate morons, honest.

This entire comment chain is funnier than any FML I have ever read. Thank you all for making my sunday morning.

^ I second that. What a glorious beard you have, 123.

@49 Don't forget stupidity and poor judgement, it's because the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for judgement, emotion control etc. isn't completely developed yet. In fact, it isn't fully developed until about 25. This is probably why the majority of people who do really stupid and/or risky stuff are teens and young adults.

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I think hiding the same items in his bag would be a fitting revenge.

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Throw in a nice gay porno with the previously stated items. That'd get him back even better. Coming out on top is much better than getting even. :)

# 61 I once worked with a guy who was incredibly homophobic. So we brought in a male underwear modeling catalog, and cut out 100's of the male models and dumped the whole pile in his lunch box without him knowing. When the guard asked him to check his lunch box, which happens every day, they both noticed the half naked guys at the same time. The guard smiled and said, "we don't discriminate against sexual preference here, but we do ask that you leave any pornographic material in your vehicle." That was a good day!

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Hahaha I wonder what was going through the guards minds. ;)

I'd say, probably what they would like to do with said handcuffs and big *****. ;)

I'm pretty sure they see things like this all the time.

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My girlfriend is flying out of town tomorrow. Must do this.

Probably with 7 getting a similar situation the first time she can arrange.

(Stupid mobile needs edit.) I mean 7's girlfriend doing it to 7, not the obvious 7 doing it to his girlfriend.

This actually made me laugh. Your boyfriend sounds awesome :D

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Is that your going away present?