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A month?! Wow. That's rough, FYL. She's a moron. Teachers are more disorganized than students sometimes... I had a teacher assign this huge project and she never graded it. She "never found the time".
If you assign something and expect kids to do it, then you need to take the responsibility of not being a fucking idiot and not losing it.
I hope they revise your grades for you, OP.

  Egnar  |  19

#22 You're quick to judge:
1) This is a reflection on organization skills not teaching skills
2) Everyone makes mistakes, in the end nobody is harmed, the situation is resolved - I don't see why somebody has to get fired.

That's the problem with society today, and not just America, people are quick to chastise and condemn people for making any kind of mistake without realizing the ramifications or putting themselves in that persons shoes. This isn't a teacher sexual assaulting a kid, it's a teacher who likely [imaging the poster is past 6th grade and in Mid-High school which is likely] has over 100 students over several periods of class.

  Laurenlou  |  24

64- It could have harmed the student's chance to pass the class if it was not resolved this soon. Or the student could have been punished but their parents because of their bad grade that they did not deserve. The teacher did not believe the student, or even look for the assignments. (I find it safe to assume that he/she told the teacher that they did, in fact, turn in their homework, when the teacher thought the opposite.)
Therefore, it is bad organization and teaching skills on the teachers part.
I do understand that everyone makes mistakes! I know I do for sure! However, this is one HUGE mistake to make, and obviously, the student was working hard. Would you be fine if you almost failed just because your teacher didn't see her mistake sooner?
Oh, and If the school would have gotten too many complaints about this sort of thing from the same teacher (Not saying this happened to more than one student. Just an IF statement,) she could have been fired.
No matter what, OP still deserves a very drawn out apology!

And just for the record: I am not quick to judge, because you know if it happened to you, you'd be mad as hell. Put yourself in OP's shoes.

  chili10  |  18

And it's likely that If the teacher lost one students homework for a straight month she also probably lost a few other students homework.

  Egnar  |  19

No; I saw it was for a month, but in the end the situation was resolved and the OP learned a very valuable lesson about life - Which is to say that people make mistakes and you must always monitor your own grades and your own progress in everything. I'll tell you right now that if I knew I was doing my homework [which I obviously would] and have been getting Fs for just a few days in a row I'd try to figure out what was going out. . .It runs on the same principle as checking up on your bank accounts every few days to make sure everything is still in order.

By  amayalives4music  |  1

Wow.. And the whole time you were probably like WTF? Didn't I do my homework every night. Omg. I would be so pissed. Sorry though. But you should have got your parents there to confirm that you do your homework! But FYL.

  countrydevil  |  6

I'd take both. and if she said no I'd take it to the principal/headmaster/superintendent of the school and get both and push for the teacher to get a suspension w/o pay

  Duladian  |  19

Going after the teacher to get them fired to me is way to far. Everyone makes mistakes.

@countrydevil It's actually a dragonav we confiscated and the photo is actually me in my buddies room in Iraq.

  teentee401  |  36

A "mistake" is losing the homework once or twice.

Losing it for a entire month? That's just being careless. So OP's teacher definitely deserves suspension.