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  auriane_fml  |  19

@ 17, Please tell me that your comment was a joke or that you were trolling. If not than I have to agree with 29.

When I take an important exam I always check the back and they I check my answer to see that answered all the questions. Doesn't everyone do that?

  WillyHorse19  |  4

It's really the teacher's fault, if he didn't tell you it wasnt double sided, or if it was just becasue you weren't listening then YDI. But anyway's the teacher should check both sides of the test, before you hand it in.

  pistolpete01  |  9

I totally agree, i once had a test that had once sentence in the bottom of the back. It said, " If you think you deserve to pass, check here[ ]" so i passed XD

  phoeblue  |  5

In my gcse's English exam there was a question that needed a source that was on a different page and only half looked at it do it was discounted. Maybe the same will happen here? :)

  deOrca  |  8

@165 No. No, I have never done that in my life. I always check the back of tests and I am sure there are many other people like me. OP does deserve what he got and YOU are the asshole.

  kewlstoribro  |  6

lol.This happened to me once during a chemistry test. I forgot my assignment at home that day and the teacher made me sit in the back of the room by myself while taking the test. When I got my test back, i was wondering why my chem grade was so low when I realized that I forgot to check the back for questions. :x Oh wells


This is more then common sense, it's something that should be natural, before you even write your name you check how many questions there are in the exam, + you should have asked the teachers how many questions before the exam date. If they didnt say, it's only logic to check your self, no matter how stressed you are, it only takes a second, ydi

By  Hunthas  |  17

atleast you didnt get mugged while writing the test?


Other test taker: *whispering* "Psst...yo dawg...gimme yo' answers!! I got a stapler in my backpack and I aint afraid to get it out!"

And that's how op got mugged.

  mrs_bruno_mars  |  14

At my school, we have one-sided IB Physics tests that are only short because of the amount of work needs to be done to solve each problem. Tests are 90% of our grade in that class. Same deal with my Calculus Internal Assessments.

  You_Need_Soap  |  6

Mrs Bruno, I hope you have a cool life outside of school cause those 2 classes alone would either make me want to put a projectile through my brain or climb to the top of the bell tower! I'll buy you a shot this weekend. Better make it a bottle.