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Today, I took a major test, worth half my grade, not realizing that there were questions on the back of the sheet. FML
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Sorry but isn't it common sense to look at the back of the paper?


Since when is something that's worth half a grade on a single double sided sheet. The op used singular. So it was 1 sheet

808Boyo 4

I guess this is why my teacher would make us put our tests face down when we were done them.

@ 17, Please tell me that your comment was a joke or that you were trolling. If not than I have to agree with 29. When I take an important exam I always check the back and they I check my answer to see that answered all the questions. Doesn't everyone do that?

face palm* that's like the first thing I do when I get a test...

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50, That's kind of been established already..

Well if you get 50% you know you would have aced it :D

@ 60, Doesn't that depend on the school he goes to? If I want to pass a test I need to get at least 75% correct.

73,He was saying if he did perfect on the front,he can assume he would have on the back. Not that he did pass. Notice the "WOULD have aced it."

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It's really the teacher's fault, if he didn't tell you it wasnt double sided, or if it was just becasue you weren't listening then YDI. But anyway's the teacher should check both sides of the test, before you hand it in.

Always check the back. It should really be a habit by now if you're old enough to be taking exams.

@76, Thanks for pointing that out. I misunderstood it. I take my comment back than. To bad I can't delete it.

Always always always, check the back. Besides, don't you put your test upside down when your finished? So other people don't see your answers?

I mean, I can't be the only one who does that. Right?

No that was so no one would be able to see your answers

pistolpete01 9

I totally agree, i once had a test that had once sentence in the bottom of the back. It said, " If you think you deserve to pass, check here[ ]" so i passed XD

Assholes, everyone has done that once in they're life. I don't understand why some post get so many you deserve it's.

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91, you may be more retarded than 17....

50 - massive troll. I swear you comment on every FML I see on here

Since you didn't check it is now worth quarter of a grade.

In my gcse's English exam there was a question that needed a source that was on a different page and only half looked at it do it was discounted. Maybe the same will happen here? :)

Just in case no one got it after the very first comment! Im just gonna make sure we understand, always check the back!

@165 No. No, I have never done that in my life. I always check the back of tests and I am sure there are many other people like me. OP does deserve what he got and YOU are the asshole.

lol.This happened to me once during a chemistry test. I forgot my assignment at home that day and the teacher made me sit in the back of the room by myself while taking the test. When I got my test back, i was wondering why my chem grade was so low when I realized that I forgot to check the back for questions. :x Oh wells

Sorry but isn't it common sense to look at the back of the paper?

You can't always depend on common sense during a stressful exam.

Don't apologize, you're absolutely right(:

This is more then common sense, it's something that should be natural, before you even write your name you check how many questions there are in the exam, + you should have asked the teachers how many questions before the exam date. If they didnt say, it's only logic to check your self, no matter how stressed you are, it only takes a second, ydi

Yeah during an exam your stressed pi won't notice. But my teacher always go through it on the spot to make sure.

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Oh man never forget the back !!!!

Dkparth13 Are you trying to copy my comment? >:L

It's not that hard to forget the back on a major test 3, OP was probably just stressing.

Common sense is the hardest common thing to find. Anyways, whenever we get stressful/nervous, like, during an exam, our sense goes out the window.

137- I think you meant " Common sense is not so common" I believe that witty bastard Voltaire said it. I'm not sure hahaha.

^Doesn't matter; I wasn't quoting. As long as the sentence made sense, it's fine.

DKParth13 5

84 himoonkey my bad man no harm intended!

Hunthas 17

atleast you didnt get mugged while writing the test?

I have a question for you. HOWISTHATFUNNY

Why would you get mugged during a test in the first place anyways?

Other test taker: *whispering* "Psst...yo dawg...gimme yo' answers!! I got a stapler in my backpack and I aint afraid to get it out!" And that's how op got mugged.

DKParth13 5

Did you get mugged by a stapler

amanda_say_whutt 9

At least, you weren't taking a dump pushing out logs. Otherwise your teacher would thought you were skipping....

Wow that common sense people have these days

DKParth 13 is stealing comments from people, ******* troll.

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We have moved past the mugging, its old

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..What do you call a person who staples papers? Are we all staplers?

145, I knows he stole my comment. >:L

You took a "major test" that only consisted of the front and back of a sheet of paper?

46 it's possible... It could've been a test where you write your answers on a seperate piece of paper.

At my school, we have one-sided IB Physics tests that are only short because of the amount of work needs to be done to solve each problem. Tests are 90% of our grade in that class. Same deal with my Calculus Internal Assessments.

Mrs Bruno, I hope you have a cool life outside of school cause those 2 classes alone would either make me want to put a projectile through my brain or climb to the top of the bell tower! I'll buy you a shot this weekend. Better make it a bottle.

164, believe me, I've wanted to do the same. And please, a bottle would help ;)

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Depends how many questions on the back :/ And maybe they'll let you retake? D:

Dude, SAME exact thing happened to me today, cept he let me retake it.

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No prof let's you take it again. You totally deserve it OP. Haha your life sucks, but it was your fault lol

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Well at least we know his/her score wouldn't have been much different even with a retake..

tehrealone 6

The back side of tests are always so sneaky...

Ikr.. That is the cause of 75% of my failed tests (3 out of 4)

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At least you did well on the fractions test.

112 wouldn't you learn from the first test that there are probably questions on the back?

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That happened to my friend! If you have a nice teacher ask him/her of you can redo the test or do the back again!

Soo... You've had a pet camel??? Wtf? And it was names cowey?? I would call it Toe. XD

jillianmathers12 13

Thats awesome! I'm so changing the name