By Anonymous - 08/11/2011 17:20 - United States

Today, after holding it in for hours, I finally managed to run to the bathroom for a pee. I thought it was impossible for rats to climb up the sewer pipes and into the toilet, but apparently I was wrong. FML
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nobody give's a rat's ass anymore (:

"Today, I was walking through the sewer pipes minding my own business when I ended up in a toilet and some dumb bitch took a shit on me. FML"


iBiteRoses 22

Wow, that is totally disgusting! I like rats, but not IN THE TOILET lol {I'm a Class A moron}

stephanieeDawnx 0

& I like people. But not when they're annoying.

Sounds like ninja rats.

at least you didn't pee your pants, right?

ikickgingers 15

I don't think you really got into the A class...

ric4rolz 0

Just flush the rats back down while their coming up.

Damn_Hippster 11

Teenage mutant ninja rats!!!

youcunthole 0

Well show That rat that u do give a shit if you know what I mean...

xoconnie 8

did they bite???? OUCH!!!

Better than finding out when you're ********. Cause if they can get through some sewer pipes, they can get into your anus...

So were you dickless before you sat down?

# 44 Splinter!

Eww 69 that's disgusting.

nobody give's a rat's ass anymore (:

sunsetsbetween56 3

Wow three bad comments in a row... :/

Stonedmanalex 0

I don't know he has more thumbs up then you.

KiddNYC1O 20

32- *whispers* What is 23 talking about?

ImFrackinBored 13

Well he must have been pissed... I'm sorry but it had to be said.

3 bad comments? I've only seen 2 and one of then was funny

3 bad comments? I've only seen 2 and one of then was funny

3 bad comments? I've only seen 2 and one of then was funny

3 bad comments? I've only seen 2 and one of then was funny

3 bad comments? I've only seen 2 and one of then was funny

Fuck my iPod just ****** up sorry about that comment spam

Boygenius50 8

32-Is that Rupert?

btnhdude 0

Say again? I didn't understand the first time.

You probably peed on youself, didn't you?

DKParth13 5

Damn this is the first FML I've ever seen where it reaches 1500 without getting 100 ydis!

Blacksabbath211 9

Or just piss on the rat >:)

That is so gross! Complain to the manager/landlord.

who said it was his house?

Ikickmidgets 11

better than ass monkeys

13FTW 9

Fucking ass monkeys.

Are they flying ass monkeys?

Hey don't be hatin on the ass monkeys! I like mine! Their names are Hansel and Gretel.

chickenwalrus 14

i love how it leaves countless terrible possible explanations of the ending of this to imagine yourself..

I agree, maybe OP used the rat as aiming practice, then flushed to see how well it does turd surfing.

Hahaha XD ik..

chickenwalrus 14

haha yes, or slowly dropped the turds out of his butthole to see how many the rats could catch in their mouth

Edmund the Second thought spears couldn't get up the plumbing system either, and he was wrong. Very, very wrong. (Yes, I know this is just an urban legend. Too pertinent to not reference though.)

I really hope the OP is a guy, and wasn't sitting on the toilet when this occurred.

purpleadios 10

I would have been so freaked out!

omg now I'm scared

Me two! I was going to post the same thing!

bout88ninjas 15


flockz 19

better watch for em water rats. they hide underneath urinal cakes and when you ain't expectin it they jump up and play patty cake with your willy.