By Men '86 - Canada
Today, I went skinny dipping with my friends. A security man drove up the dock we were on with his bike. After informing us that the dock was closed, and noticing all of our swimsuits on the dock, he refused to move his flashlight beam from us in the water. FML
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  Ch0sen  |  13

Could've been a horrendously ugly female guard who's just never had any luck with boys..I mean men*

Personally I think that's worse, but maybe that's just me >_>

  bubble25_fml  |  5

when u go skinny dipping with your friends it doesn't matter that yo are naked because of the trust within the friendship. it's not the same as when a total stranger finds you and a couple of friends butt naked in the water.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@114 when you go there after its closed youre aware of the high risk of being caught. if you then get caught, you then lose the right to bitch about it because you were doing the wrong thing in the first place.

  MaloPero  |  4

no, perv is a person who enjoys in their humiliation. they weren' t waiving penises in front of children faces, they were just having fun, naked or not.


I'd go with the whole splash him and run thing. Once they get out of the water naked, they could be arrested for indecent exposure. And yes, a cop on a bike can arrest people.

  helloadria  |  0

Capitalization is a part of grammar, however punctuation is separate, although I do understand where you were coming from. Proper english language seems to have been lost on society.