By T___T - 12/09/2015 01:54 - United States - Cleveland

Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend that no, my period arriving several days late doesn't mean I have AIDS. FML
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Schizomaniac 24

Of course not. How idiotic. It means you have syphilis.

American sex ed in a nutshell


Well, shit.

ChaiseT 16

He needs some education about the female body.

Murilirum 23

No, they need an education in general.

honestly the sex ed classes in middle school are pointless. its kinda dumb that parents are shocked that very young girls get pregnant. it's not gonna do much telling 13-14 year olds to not have sex, because they're gonna find a way to go out and do it. its better to give them that advice and teach them safe sex. and the fact that people don't know much about the human body

If this comment is an anti joke, then well done

Sounds like he was trying to tell her something...

American sex ed in a nutshell

meli1195 31

I had sex ed and I definitely am not so ignorant to the mechanics of a body's mechanics and I live in the u. s.

We don't even have sex-Ed at my school :/

JustinJK 21

^you should demand it. unless it's a religious school.

You must have went to a really crappy school

9 I hope your Sex Education class was better taught than your English class.

I didnt have sex ed and i knew that isnt what it meant.

Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die.

ShirtlessWonder 17

Any health class in the US is a joke. There are 4 main subjects gone over in health. 1. "Drugs are bad kids" scare tactic. 2. "If you have sex you will get AIDS, become pregnant, and die." Mine told us condoms have an 80% success rate. 3. Fitness. This typically isn't actually done too badly. 4. Nutrition. Mostly outdated and just plain wrong stuff that has been disproven many times over (but is still supported by our government).

Mmkay1515 21

To OP's boyfriend: She definitely has AIDS.

You mean he is wrong?

Schizomaniac 24

Of course not. How idiotic. It means you have syphilis.

foxmatrix15 8

Does it really? I'm scared now :(

no it doesnt mean that you could be stressed so your cycle is thrown off or prego

Of corse #21. Be very very scared. In fact the younger you are the higher the chances are that you're infected.

Just meant more moisture for the crabs, right?...

Not idiotic, just ignorant. There's a big difference between the two.

I heard it only gets worse from syphilis!

smart one you got there

Why would he think that?

The irony in this comment.

Americans and irony :D

The moment I tapped on this buried comment, it gave me quite a laugh.

DA3Z 16

It is absolutely insane how people know so little about their selves, the opposite sex, and sexual reproduction all together...

Your bio is so long and detailed man

That baby is so cute