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  dolphincheddar  |  10

you should have discussed a budget limit.. the. your gifts would be similar. like talk to him and say both ur presents will be around 30$ or whatever. not hard a lot of ppl do it


8- You don't have to call it nutella 'and bread' sandwiches. When you are stating the components of a sandwich bread is a given. "Hey what do you want on your sandwich" "Well I prefer turkey. Swiss cheese, light mayonnaise, oh and bread of you have any!" "Oh, I thought you just wanted a sandwich, you should have mentioned that you wanted a bread sandwich." "Just get in that kitchen and make me a bread sandwich"
What the heck?

  Jezlovespink  |  5

Nope she did nutella is BOMB lucky I want some... but I never get paid in nutella :°( ha btw nutella will make u happier (cuz it gots chocolate) a watch doesnt maybe juz like 4 5 seconds....