By nuttedthefout - 28/04/2011 13:16

Today, I bought my boyfriend a gold watch for our 2 year anniversary. He bought me a jar of Nutella. FML
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iLikeReadingFMLs 2

Take the watch back. Buy him some bread. Now you can both share Nutella and Bread sandwiches. Winning


iLikeReadingFMLs 2

Take the watch back. Buy him some bread. Now you can both share Nutella and Bread sandwiches. Winning

SMJ210 0

Maybe he has something really fun and exciting planned that involves that Nutella and you later tonight ;)

dank1 0

Nutella is fckn good!!! why u complaining?!

cause she didn't get any bread along with it

LunaNstars 0

man i'd love a man for giving me nutella. that is some good stuff right there

Next time, just give him some bread!!!

ImThePope 2

Maybe he will use that watch to time himself to see how long it takes to give you a mind blowing ****** tonight with that nutella. You never know.

you should have discussed a budget limit.. the. your gifts would be similar. like talk to him and say both ur presents will be around 30$ or whatever. not hard a lot of ppl do it

Damn, now I want some Nutella. Trade?

littlemissFYL 5
pwincessa23 1

hahaha I'dlove that! better than the purse I got for my fourth. lol jk

saaaalt 4

negotiate the budget price? wow I wouldn't wanna be in that relationship.. even though Nutella Is amazing. its a crappy two year anni gift...

Is he mad because he got you a better gift?

A rose - $5 A jacket - $25 A gold watch - $1000 NUTELLA - PRICELESS

xGraycloud 4

^^win :P stop hating, nutella's frkn awesome!

FuniiBunii 0

OP it's so obvious he forgot ur anniversary so he bought w.e :P (P.SBuy him carrots next time ;)

hahahahaha my sister got nutella for christmas hahahaha thts wht she gets for being such an asshole

JustOhSoLovely 6

Nutella is incredible. I would be excited

flickyourbic1223 7

8- You don't have to call it nutella 'and bread' sandwiches. When you are stating the components of a sandwich bread is a given. "Hey what do you want on your sandwich" "Well I prefer turkey. Swiss cheese, light mayonnaise, oh and bread of you have any!" "Oh, I thought you just wanted a sandwich, you should have mentioned that you wanted a bread sandwich." "Just get in that kitchen and make me a bread sandwich" What the heck?

sounds like he got the sweeter end of the deal

I don't know about that. Nutella tastes pretty sweet.

:O never???? that's impossible, nutella is heaven on toast <3

i never seen it in Vermont only hippie organic crap

he gave you his nuts in a jar? lol. what a wuss.

C6Racer 0

Nutella on a toasted sesame seed bagel with banana slices. Omg I just jizzed in my pants.

glorialaura21 8

o.o I've never had nutella either.

She should shit in the jar and put it in some toast for him. We'll see how much likes it then.

what kind of person wears a gold watch? is his name vinnie?

the only thing in this world that comforts me right now is nutella :' ( no psn.

the things you could do with each other, plus nutella. damn you have one smart bf

BlackOpsPWNR 0

he was making a pun you guys :/ "got the SWEETER end of the deal"

Nope she did nutella is BOMB lucky I want some... but I never get paid in nutella :°( ha btw nutella will make u happier (cuz it gots chocolate) a watch doesnt maybe juz like 4 5 seconds....

sit down, shut up, and eat your nutella, you ungrateful bastard!

thatoneaggie 0

maybe that's a cue to make him a sandwich?

missbunny always has the best comments lmaoo

nutsackmuscle 0

it's a gift straight from the gods.

71, 85, nice slurping you're doing there.

comepoopwithme 0
C6Racer 0

Are you sure only a "like" button will do? lol

newnew8 0
CommonSenseKarma 17

What is this... Nutella? I am perplexed.

o5okitty 3

I live quite close to you, 153

nutella is the most thoughtful gift you can receive! you have a great boyfriend and you should be happy!

missbunny I have always found you extremely ******* annoying

Your pic is appropriate for that comment. XD

Got_any_grapes1 4

I know right! Nutellas awesome!

marissakmnn 0

toast for your nutella or do you prefer a spoon?

marissakmnn 0

It would have been funny if it was an empty jar.