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You don't like nutella? :(

sit down, shut up, and eat your nutella, you ungrateful bastard!


Take the watch back. Buy him some bread. Now you can both share Nutella and Bread sandwiches. Winning

Maybe he has something really fun and exciting planned that involves that Nutella and you later tonight ;)

nutellas the shit don't hate :P

Nutella is fckn good!!! why u complaining?!

cause she didn't get any bread along with it

man i'd love a man for giving me nutella. that is some good stuff right there

Next time, just give him some bread!!!

Maybe he will use that watch to time himself to see how long it takes to give you a mind blowing orgasm tonight with that nutella. You never know.

you should have discussed a budget limit.. the. your gifts would be similar. like talk to him and say both ur presents will be around 30$ or whatever. not hard a lot of ppl do it

Damn, now I want some Nutella. Trade?

bitch, stop bragging.

Don't underestimate nutella.

hahaha I'dlove that! better than the purse I got for my fourth. lol jk

negotiate the budget price? wow I wouldn't wanna be in that relationship.. even though Nutella Is amazing. its a crappy two year anni gift...

Is he mad because he got you a better gift?

A rose - $5 A jacket - $25 A gold watch - $1000 NUTELLA - PRICELESS

^^win :P stop hating, nutella's frkn awesome!

OP it's so obvious he forgot ur anniversary so he bought w.e :P (P.SBuy him carrots next time ;)

hahahahaha my sister got nutella for christmas hahahaha thts wht she gets for being such an asshole

Nutella is incredible. I would be excited

8- You don't have to call it nutella 'and bread' sandwiches. When you are stating the components of a sandwich bread is a given. "Hey what do you want on your sandwich" "Well I prefer turkey. Swiss cheese, light mayonnaise, oh and bread of you have any!" "Oh, I thought you just wanted a sandwich, you should have mentioned that you wanted a bread sandwich." "Just get in that kitchen and make me a bread sandwich" What the heck?

sounds like he got the sweeter end of the deal

I don't know about that. Nutella tastes pretty sweet.

never had it

:O never???? that's impossible, nutella is heaven on toast <3

i never seen it in Vermont only hippie organic crap

he gave you his nuts in a jar? lol. what a wuss.

Nutella on a toasted sesame seed bagel with banana slices. Omg I just jizzed in my pants.

o.o I've never had nutella either.

She should shit in the jar and put it in some toast for him. We'll see how much likes it then.

what kind of person wears a gold watch? is his name vinnie?

the only thing in this world that comforts me right now is nutella :' ( no psn.

ikr I can't get on! stupid hackers...

the things you could do with each other, plus nutella. damn you have one smart bf

he was making a pun you guys :/ "got the SWEETER end of the deal"

Nope she did nutella is BOMB lucky I want some... but I never get paid in nutella :°( ha btw nutella will make u happier (cuz it gots chocolate) a watch doesnt maybe juz like 4 5 seconds....

sit down, shut up, and eat your nutella, you ungrateful bastard!

maybe she has a dog? hmmmm

maybe that's a cue to make him a sandwich?

missbunny always has the best comments lmaoo

hmmm I have never had nutella

it's a gift straight from the gods.

71, 85, nice slurping you're doing there.

Haha 118. Agreed.

*presses metaphorical like button*

#135 is slurping to #118 0.o

My thoughts exactly!

Are you sure only a "like" button will do? lol

lol nutella is bombbbbb!

What is this... Nutella? I am perplexed.

I live quite close to you, 153

nutella is the most thoughtful gift you can receive! you have a great boyfriend and you should be happy!

missbunny I have always found you extremely fucking annoying

You don't like nutella? :(

Your pic is appropriate for that comment. XD

I love nutella!!!

I know right! Nutellas awesome!

It's the thought that counts.

sounds like a keeper.. but atleast you got something SWEET?

Nutella. It's yummy in your tummy!

yummy yummy i got love in my tummy and I feel like loving u

(insert sweet joke here)

toast for your nutella or do you prefer a spoon?

hey, nutella is delicious.

It would have been funny if it was an empty jar.