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By Anonymous - 15/08/2017 06:00

Today, me and my boyfriend had sex but stopped when I felt pain downstairs. That evening he wanted me to go to the emergency room but I wanted to sleep it off. Turned out I needed surgery. One of my fallopian tubes had ripped. The sex was so rough, I got an intravenous hemorrhage. FML
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Not a native speaker so I have to look up 'fallopian tubes' ... holy shit how did you manage that

Orangebecausewhynot 4

Sounds like you've had a rough night.


Orangebecausewhynot 4

Sounds like you've had a rough night.

Shit, dude! That sounds awful! Hope you heal up quick!

Not a native speaker so I have to look up 'fallopian tubes' ... holy shit how did you manage that

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OopsieDoopsie 14

An intravenous hemorrhage? Did you just google a few medical terms and decide to throw them together hoping they make sense? How about looking at the anatomy books for locations of fallopian tubes relative to any point of entry during sex? FAIL!

It sounds so off. Sex itself cannot cause fallopians tubes to tear.

Rough sex doesn't just involve thrusting, for one. For two, yes, sex alone CAN cause a fallopian tube to burst, but it USUALLY requires a secondary condition as a contributing factor. Three, there are a **** ton of veins and arteries in that region, why the **** do think so many women died and STILL die in childbirth and after miscarriages? Because they hemorrhage. Usually inside the womb, but it's not unheard of for the artery that's under the womb to burst, leading to internal hemorrhaging. Four, OP would have either just had surgery after losing a lot of blood when they posted this, or submitted it several days, weeks, months or even years after the fact, meaning that they very well could have misremembered the type of hemorrhage. The medical field is the living embodiment of "if it can go wrong, it will." Don't say something is impossible, because chances are, someone, somewhere, has had it happen.

Your Fallopian tube can rupture from sex, just not right away or from rough sex. It can rupture because of a build up of puss from a pelvic infection or an ectopic pregnancy. Both of these require medical care. Stay healthy!

Ouch.. that hurt just reading about..(on a side note, don't chop chilis and then change your tampon an hour later, you might think you washed your hand properly but you didn't.. you really didn't..)

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holy shit man.. that sounds really ******* painful. all I can say, is get well. must've been good sex though.

Sucks. On a side note, what's hemorrhage?

Internal bleeding, usually when a vein or artery bursts.