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By PixiXOXO - 26/07/2012 18:07 - Denmark - Birker?d

Today, I realised just how cripplingly self-conscious I am, when I couldn't even fantasise about having sex with a guy without feeling shy and insecure about my body. FML
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etoilenuit 15

:-( don't be so hard on yourself. No one is perfect.

Sorry babe, I know that feel. That was how I felt when I was anorexic. You gotta love yourself...


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Yeah, just like how one day you may be able to come up with a decent first comment. Nice try though

Bitchy follow comment. How original!

unknown_user5566 26

30- It's funny that you are pointing out a snarky comment while being snarky yourself. Pot calling the kettle black, eh?

Yyyaay thumbs down and a dig. I am truly part of the FML family now. I'm happy

Why do people bitch about first comment all the time? Not everyone comments with paragraphs of well written, comedic, gold. Also, by there logic of "You wasted a coment!!!1!"... don't you just waste 2 by bitching about it? /endrant

59: You're the cousin we'd make fun of if we weren't already busy forgetting about you. (^Apathy is the secret ingredient in the worst burns.)

68 People treat being first as some sort of godly reward. It's funny as hell to see the comments after a guy says "first" though.

kevsnev 7

I find shyness and insecurity in a girl cute :3

One day OP will what? was the desire to be first so powerful you couldn't even type out a full comment?

It's one of those saying that we "older" people would get, instead of "tlkn lk ths"

102- what makes your comment more "full" than theirs? Honestly shit like this is irritating. Next people are going to be saying their opinions are more valid than others, because they're opinion is more "full." /endsecondrant

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Just cos OP feels insecure about her body doesn't mean she is fat. She may have lots of moles, or spots. We all have bits of our bodies we don't like

alshygirl 14

Confidence is sexy. Most of us see something worse in the mirror than what we are in reality

11: Working out is good advice, regardless of the specific problem. Proper exercise makes fat people thin, skinny people athletic and sexy, and has a strong tendency to improve confidence. Moles, funny nose, big feet, whatever: the OP will probably feel a lot better about her body with more exercise in her life.

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109: I read your comment in the voice of a spoiled 14-year-old girl and that made it funnier. Still downvoted you for sounding like spoiled 14-year-old girl though.

janesscreams 4

What if shes not even fat ? She may just be insecure . Watch what you say bro

It doesn't work for all. I've been doing a healthier lifestyle for the past three months which includes regular exercise and I'm still very insecure even to the point where I'll avoid certain social scenes.

FFS guys, exercise is good for your self-esteem regardless of body share and size.

109, I don't see how you found what 74 said rude. Exercise is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, and can boost confidence. When you work out you tend to feel good, especially if you've been doing lots of it. In my opinion it can boost your mental and physical state, which is a good thing, and by saying what 74 said, he told the truth in a way that was not offensive to the average person.

Why are people arguing against the fact that at least some form of exercise is healthy...oh America...put down the big Mac.

yeah of course, i totally get that and i agree, but when i read the comment, i took it as they're implying that shes fat, when she might not be. because if someone was underweight they could still feel incredibly self-consious, and working out wouldnt help. i didnt mean to upset so many people, its just how i understood it.

When someone is underweight working out can be beneficial too, depending on the workout you do. Not all workouts are for weight loss, some can cause a increase in muscle mass, which for someone who is underweight is a good thing.

133: Certainly exercise isn't the solution to every problem and insecurity, but it does have a strong tendency to help self-esteem and confidence in a general way. You'd be hard-pressed to find a doctor or mental health professional who wouldn't recommend exercise to patients/clients--but that doesn't mean exercise will cure every problem by itself. 160: Exercise is definitely good for underweight people, except that they should aim to build up rather than slim down. Unfortunately many girls get the stupid idea from the media that skeletons are sexy. In fact, most people are far more attracted to athletic-looking bodies, and on that basis, exercise is awesome.

yeah thats true, but i didnt mean in like muscle mass. my friend is a dancer and shes extremely muscular, but shes still 20 lbs underweight. but she also doesnt have to be either of those, she could still have a perfectly average body, and still feel horrible about it.

etoilenuit 15

:-( don't be so hard on yourself. No one is perfect.

A Chuck Norris joke? Really? Are you twelve?

lelo007 11

I don't know which rock you came out from under, but Chuck Norris and his jokes are awesome! Are you stupid?

blackdalia 0

Fuzz97, Don't **** with the chuck

Chuck Norris was once faced insecurity...he stared it down until it cried.

There once was a street named after chuck Norris but it had to be changed because no one crosses chuck Norris and lives

Shadowvoid 33

By my research, that lizard in your picture is an "Ameri-African house gecko. I find tens of these around my house. They are cute. And you live near me.

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syley 5

To be entirely honest I don't think twelve year-olds even know who Chuck Norris is.

xCrazyMexican 4

Jacksonville fl? Thats where I live :)

Aww sorry :( don't worry! It gets better!

blcksocks 19

Some guys do like to see shyness in a woman during sex. So it's not that bad.

detroitsucks247 3

Youll learn to accept yourself, i was insecure too then i realized i dont really give two ***** what someone else thinks of me. Good Luck.

TriflingAllDay 6

You don't care what anyone thinks. Please, enloghten me on how to becomr so callused.

4, Exactly! If Original Poster is this far down, she can only go up from here. It's kind of sad but, maybe, she will read all the reassuring comments on her post and start feeling better about herself.

Every one is beautiful in their own way. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. (:

EVERY one? How was Hitler beautiful on his own way o_O?

In* I'm not a grammar nazi but your comment annoyed me :)

Everyones a hero in their own way...

23- he probably thought he had a beautiful mustache, I mean think of it now...it's pretty iconic btw...I'm not trying to defend what hitler did or anything, don't get the wrong idea from what I'm saying

23- One could say that he was a brilliant public speaker and a political genius. Like 38 said though, I'm not defending him or anything, just trying to prove a point.

23, I do nazi what Hitler has to do with any of this.

23- Hitler was actually a pretty good painter

23 - Hitler was a great leader for Germany, regardless of the other things he did, Germany prospered under his rule which is why he was able to threaten europe, in his way his leadership could be considered beautiful.

Sorry babe, I know that feel. That was how I felt when I was anorexic. You gotta love yourself...

reallytho3 11

Before you expect anyone else to love you... U have to love yourself

Compassion on fml? That's a nice change.

What is that supposed to mean? Maybe someday? That's not a solution or a suggestion.

28- Yea, because your comment was such help

Ouch. Have a couple of drinkypoos. Fix all problems

I don't know what it is. But ask yourself, would you really want to know? It's probably something innocent, but you can't trust anything nowadays.

Trailer Park Boys reference... No poos involved haha

Thanks for clearing that up for them lol the shitbarometer was rising

That sucks op. Maybe one day you can get over it! And try and hit the gym every once and a while. The results make you feel good trust me.:)

Everyone who's assuming that OP is fat..just stop assuming so because not once in the fml does it say that she's shy because of her weight. Some people just have a shy nature!

She said her body, what else would that be? Her deformed leg? If that was the case I'm thinking he/she would have said so

kaitie311 1

She could have breakouts or moles that could make her insecure about her body. It doesn't have to be just being overweight. Not saying you're wrong but being overweight isn't always the case.

16: She might not be fat, but exercise usually helps rather than hinders your appearance. It makes people feel accomplished and can boost self-esteem and morale, so even if OP isn't fat, it isn't bad advice unless they take it too far and start overworking themselves. OP, I know this is cliche, but nobody's perfect- why bother worrying about your flaws when you're bound to have some anyways? I'm sure there's someone out there that would like your body and would be willing to help you through your insecurities. Honestly, if you're really bothered you could consider seeing a therapist- even if you only have minor problems, they would take the time to help you out.

55, Body image issues is the simple answer to your question. You know, those skinny girls who insist they are fat? I'd be surprised if this was new information to you...

Teabubbles 8

55: I have a prosthetic arm and feel self conscience about it at times. Yes, it's possible.

Learn to love your body! If you don't love it, who will?

I know, right? I know no one would love my body and that is why I love it. Now someone loves it.... yay.....

TheDrifter 23

Am I the only one with a mind in the gutter after all these "love your body and then someone else will love it too" quotes?

Sawarski 13

My right hand helps me love myself everyday.