By anonymous - 15/08/2010 13:12 - Netherlands

Today, I witnessed a series of nude old people cycling in the city. I was eating. FML
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hurry up and splash lemon juice in your eyes B4 its too late...


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Did you gouge your eyes out with your fork? I think I would have done that.

wait a minute, thats illegal! no way! FYL for having to make this up. YDI.

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old people are just as capable of breaking the law as everybody else.

op I'm sorry I know how you feel yesterday I ate too much ponchos and then went to the waterpark when it was 80% old fat people. made me feel even sicker but I think the waterslides probably what made it the worst.


first I probably would have thrown up (old people are disgusting clothed) second I wouldve thrown the remainder of my food at the cyclists

46i think she's sayin old people and raisins are wrinkly

all you have to do is look away once u see one.. and if u kept looking ur a perv and creepy lol

were any of them incontinent? accidental cycle by golden shower ftw

so what I see naked old people all the time!

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suck it up you big baby you act like that's not a natural thing. (being naked)

34 nice. 46 think about what raisins and old people have in common. youll get it eventually. or maybe not.

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naenae, a salad with raisins? What kind of diet are you on, the Let's See What I Can Eat Before Puking diet?! I feel like replacing salad with Raisin Bran would have been better, but I've never eaten a cake with fried chicken on it like you have so maybe I just need to expand my horizons.

sungod are you wiitarded??? at myke your still the same grow up

#34 ahahahaha because raisins are wrinkly like old people!! lmao

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Did you order Jell-O for dessert after? Yummy!

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Some people have to pay for that kind of ****. Your lucky it was free

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raisins are wrinkly...get it now?

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78 there's many salads with raisins in them

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It would only bother me if I stare so I guess stop staring, op lol. btw, i was amazed at the sight of all the bicycles when I went to Amsterdam

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pendatik, you are European so salads with healthy contents, such as fruit, would be more commonplace for you. But here in the US, many who order salads order an 8,000 calorie salad whose contents rarely including anything such as lettuce. NaeNae, you need to start being more American! Come over next week, I'm have a deep-fried, soaked in extra-salty butter, with chocolate syrup on top bacon party. It's healthy, I swear.

you wanna **** them and because you weren't warned your not ready so now you have to ********** front of old people.

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for a second I thought I hacked someone's PM

o you just must love the smell of wrinkly old penis in the morning bet them saggy ballz put a bone in your pants

i heard about tht. the protesters or somthin

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with wrinkly old people, especially when they're nude! Pendatik, you're English? I could have sworn you were from Europe! I need to go back to school and take some reading comprehension courses. You shouldn't be trying to manipulate people like this. I thought we were friends!

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i feel bad for the bikes... must've been painful if one of them fell. old saggy boobs slapping them in their faces ^-^

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153 I'm American nd I've had raisins in my salad many's pretty common in colleges

you know what makes a salad good is feta cheese

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One day, one man, placed a piece of polystyrene in gasoline, he noticed it dissolved. He put more in until it stopped dissolving. That man, discovered napalm. It was designed specifically for this situation. Have a helicopter hook up a massive bucket, fill it with this magical napalm and have it drop it all over the area. Everyone will die and you can pretend nothing ever happened.

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u will be old some day....will u barf on ur self cus u think u r disgusting? >.> idiot

are you serious.. I could watch someone puke in slow motion while eating. fyl you pathetic over sensitive person

It was probably one of those moments where you're so shocked, you can't move away. Op fyl.

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cheque please... shit, at least a refund

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I'm assuming that OP is out at a restaurant or pub grabbing a bite. Refund - Sympathy Refunds. You tend to get those at bars when you accidentally drop your drink seconds after receiving it. For example, ugly person walks up, you're shocked at said ugliness, you drop drink, bartender sees this and provides a new drink out of pity. :)

Would you like curly fries with that combo?

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hurry up and splash lemon juice in your eyes B4 its too late...

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Hey Ricky! It's me, mittens! :-P

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thats hilarious it must have taken you an hour to come up with that. get a life.

sick bike 14. and for those of you that are saying old people are gross, that may be true but you might wanna get used to the idea.. that's you later in life

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14 if u were talking to me I want trying to be funny. but there is a reason clothes were invented. to wear. and to avoid this type of situation. if u live in a nudist colony that's fine. that's a personal choice. but don't go nude in a regular part of town

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136 - You're wrong! Nude FTW! :) If I want to run around nude in London, I will.

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