By Luke - 07/11/2011 14:53 - United States

Today, I discovered that if you are being mugged, never tell your mugger you are going to call the police because he will come back and steal your phone too. FML
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"Imma call the cops !!! . . . when I get home . . ."

*mugger steals landline*


Don't forget to tell him about that $50 in your back pocket.

You should give him your name & address so you can hang out later

Yes, because telling the criminal that you're going to call the cops, always makes them run off.

29, and that is when the criminal takes your phone, asks you "with what?", and then runs off.

Thank you 30, for re-telling the FML and for failing to see the sarcasm.

Sense a troll in you, I do, 30.

Well don't tell him about the emergency money in your shoe that you're going to use to call a cab.

Well if OP had an iPhone or a smartphone the pone cn be tracked via GPS. Just don't tell the mugger this too

Haha Why would you tell a mugger that???

How is he going to call a cab with no phone??

By waving it down. Most muggings take place in cities, so you wouldn't actually need to call with a phone.

i just imagined the mugger going thru his pockets and OP with his hands up saying "take what you want, im just gonna call the police anyways" i LOL'd

#29 they do... with your phone

Carry a 6 inch knife and you'll be ready next time OP.

96, you should have read previous comments. So I thank you for re telling 30's comment.

76- Hilarious.......and that, my friend, is sarcasm.

Or the $80 strapped to your thigh


As are you.

At least he used the right form of your/you're. Pretty good... for a troll.

"Imma call the cops !!! . . . when I get home . . ."

*mugger steals landline*

#3 ~ Lmfao! Nice one XD! I can already picture that... hahah ;p

Shouldn't have said anything that wasn't with their fists.

Should've brought the mugger home so he could take you're computer saving us from hearing this.... Story

Just should have done what the girl did in skrillex's video.... It works for me all the time.

Yell somebody call 911? Or summon a deamon? Lol

Summon a demon of course telling someone to call 911 isn't going to do much

I only know about this cause Beavis and Butt-head. Hehe. Hehe.

Never should've sent that child to Hogwarts...

aurynforever 11

Beavis was crying.

Are you really that dumb?

I like turtles too

Cause we all have our smatest moments when a guy is beating us and stealing our stuff

No, no. Well said.

#116 well said

Aren't you clever, you might as well have told him where you hide your secret stash

Everyone knows it's under the mattress

I hope u don't find the money strapped on Herbert's thigh!

Yelling out "I'm calling the cops" when being mugged is like dropping the soap in prison and yelling "I dropped the soap" as loud as you can...

Since it's always more effective to tell someone you're going to do something rather than just doing it, right?

I agree 100% and besides, most the time when you tell the criminal(s) that you're going to call the cops. They usually reply with "Do it." or some dip shit comment, then run when the sirens come along.

well are they just gonna stand there waiting for the cops to arrest them? I think not.

Lol Thats a smart mugger right there.

That's a mugger with common sense...not necessarily brains...

Thank you, oh great one :P

If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have the "Track down that bitch mugger" app

This comment actually made me laugh. And I never laugh.

Did you laugh when you saw your profile picture?

My first reaction would be to call the cops immediately while they are still making their get away, not yell out after them "Wait. Mister, wait. I'm gonna call the cops. Don't go too far." Sorry to say, but YDI.

Don't forget to ask the mugger how tall he is so your description to the police can be complete.