By flaggurl - United States
Today, I was in my backyard scolding my cat. I yelled, "If you can't learn to use the bathroom correctly then I am going to leave your stupid butt out here in the snow until you figure it out!!" Later, my neighbor left me a nasty note about child abuse - she thought I was scolding my son. FML
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By  kagome_eb  |  0

thats child abuse now in days? shooot I been getting worst! but I dono you deserve it. I have a cat, and I know how they are, you cant just yell at them like that dose you any good, plus if you do leave it outside it could die and you will be charge with abuse but for animals.
so yeah, its verbal abuse, which docent do much until it turns into action.

By  ijrnelson  |  0

To be honest don't be mad at your neighbour, if you believe child abuse to be going on then you are doing the right thing by standing up to it.

Also cat's don't understand punishments like these - they don't understand what they are being punished for. The best way to train them is to show them their mess and then tap them on their nose or shout at them (not really hurting them physically but giving them a little scare). They can then associate this punishment with this action. Keep doing it every time and they will soon stop.

  Setareh23  |  34

I like what you're saying, but I just want to point out that child abuse is rarely (if ever) solved by someone giving the parents a note. If anything, it'll just make the parents more secretive. Instead, someone who suspects should call the appropriate services. Even if there's a possibility they might be wrong and the parents are very good parents, as you said it's important to take a stand when you believe the child is being hurt. Better to be wrong, than to be right yet say nothing.

By  Lick_yer_face  |  0


I always talk to my cat! The only weird part is if she talks back...

OP: Just explain to them that you were talking to your cat. That should scare them away from leaving any more notes...

By  coffeentea  |  0

Poor kitty. You know, cats can stay angry when you talk to them like that. Not like children; you can kick those around and they always come back when they're hungry.
Not that, um, I'd do that to my own children. I'm a cat lady anyway.