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Today, after I had changed my number to get away from my abusive ex, my mom decided to give him my new one. She insists that I need to give him another chance. FML
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I guess your mom isn't getting your new, new number.

diablodeldragoon 6

change your number again. don't give it to your idiotic mother.


mif_fml 27

What the hell is wrong with your mom?

KeannaLove 32

Or she could change her number again just not give her mother it and hope her ex doesn't get it.

Orr....she could burn her, WITH FIRE!! XD

Or buy a phone plan with caller ID and the ability to block numbers. . . . THEN BURH HER WITH FIRE!

14 it costs a good amount of money to change your number, and its a big hassle

Agree with 49. OP should invest in an app that blacklists numbers instead of paying to change her number again.

I'm sorry.. You're right! I'll correct my self, then i'll burn her, WITH FIRE!!!!

blocking the number wont stop him completly if the mother is helping him get to her.

So you're implying that op and her mother aren't going to talk on her next number?

Ya'll are doing it wrong..... burn him with fire

Fine... Burn her with fire, THEN burn him. :)

No, thats overkill, burning him takes care of the problem. Besides, OP's mom would get the point then.

I think I'll be hiding all the matches now.

countryrose92 23

For my plan it doesn't cost to change my number, it's just a hassle. But it costs to block numbers, so invest in caller ID, ask him to stop then report him for harassment if he continues. Oh, and ill just use a lighter to BURN HIM WITH FIRE!!


And then, when shes all better tell her to give it another chance.

Another chance to BURN HIM WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!?

49 Do you know what else costs money? Medical bills.

Some people just wanna watch the world burn. I'M IN!

tjv3 10

Change it again and don't give it to her

fksfsdhfsdfh 26

What should her secondary burning method be? Chemicals?

I was guna say burn her with ice but we'll go with fire lol but yeah that was really messed up of her.

I guess your mom isn't getting your new, new number.

Or, she can block her mom to get thru to her by using an app. It's fairly simple. Hell, there's an app out there that allows unlimited texting and calls, but your phone will be sending out as if you have an entirely different number. I wish I could remember the name of the app. I feel badly for OP; she can't even trust her own mother.

still_guns 16

I completely agree with you

Viber lets you do that. You have to be in a wifi zone to use it though.

@94 That app is called texfree I believe.

She could just BURN HIM WITH FIRE!!!!!

Iknoweverything 29

Not all people have phones that work with apps. Some of us are still resisting smart phones of all types, so apps aren't always an option. (Horrors of horrors, I know, but you know what? I can run over my dinosaur phone several times with only a scratch or two, and it STILL WORKS)

I wish you could remember the name too. I want that!

Wow, you really need to have a chat with your mother.

TorisaurusRexxx 10

Op's mother seems pretty stubborn about making decisions for her daughter. Talking to her probably won't change much, sadly.

I just think it's horrible. It must be very hard and difficult to get out of an abusive relationship (so I've heard) and normally family and friends encourage someone to get out of an abusive relationship and are there for that person once they've succeeded. But with a mom like this, it must become a lot harder :/

139: you're quite right. the problem with abusive relationships, though, is that often the abusive party has a kind public face; the only person who sees how awful they are is the person they're abusing. quite often, they alternate between abuse and loving attitudes, and/or make the abused party feel as though it's their fault because they've done something wrong, which is why so many women (and men) steadfastly stand behind their abusive partner. it's mental brainwashing, and be a very, very difficult situation to come out of. the fact that OP's mother has decided to intervene in this way simply shows she's either completely dense or never saw that side of him. either way, I would block said abuser's number and have a very long talk with the mother.

diablodeldragoon 6

change your number again. don't give it to your idiotic mother.

HeadlessSparrow 20

Give him a second chance of guessing your number when you change your number again!

ViviMage 38

Block his number? Comcast is *60

I was wondering why she didn't just block the number. I've had stalker exs before and blocking their number is always better than changing your number.

slytherbitch 15

Even if she blocked his number, he could still call or text from any other phone. And with all the apps that have free texting and random numbers, it would be easy.

Obey_StudBoii 23

She could always block his number by using this app called "Call Blocker". Works like a charm.

Axel5238 29

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TheManager 6

37- The comments section is the place for jokes. Even the most depressing FMLs can be made light of in the land of comments. Her comment wasn't down voted because it was offensive or off color... It was merely bland and unoriginal. :p

LOL well thanks that made me feel better :P

Axel5238 29

Possible, but considering it's concerning abuse jokes are in poor taste. If it was an fml regarding sexual assault and rape you would find something funny?

Well i apoligise if i offeded anyone or my comment seemed rude but i wasnt making fun or joking about abuse... I had no bad intentions at all :) i thought her mom giving him her number after he changed it was a bit funny, and thats aside from the abuse ! Im very sorry :)

Lionesse 15

#79... Lighten up and get the stick out of your ass. I get that some FML's are really really FYL, but it's on a damn website for God's sake, where you share your misfortune with the world. If someone didn't want it made fun of or poked at, don't post it on FML. Abuse or rape is never funny, but as I said before, don't post it on a website that's meant to be taken lighthearted, and OP probably knew jokes would be cracked and random things written. So.. Yeah.

@ 79. Rape is not funny. Your terrible use of punctuation, grammar, and sentence structuring abilities are, however, hilarious!

OP-Don't be fooled twice! It's time to change your number again and this time don't tell the one who is the REAL problem... your betraying mom!! Leave the abusive guy and the betraying mom and you will be fine! Courage!!! You can do it!!

mokielove 10

wow you need to change the number again. and have a very serious talk with your mother.