By Anonymous - 03/02/2012 08:12 - United Kingdom

Today, my dad killed my pet rats. They were playing on the sofa, and he thought they were vermin. This would have been understandable if the reason he came over wasn't to meet them, and they hadn't been wearing bright pink walking harnesses. FML
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Your dad is a bit of an asshole, isn't he?

So2011 4

Those rats were obviously pets because of their harnesses. I have never seen a sewer rat or any other kind wearing a harness. Very rude of your dad.


Your dad is a bit of an asshole, isn't he?

I think your father planned it out. He's evil, evil I tell ya, evil!

4 - No. Just no.

It was a mistake. He probably feels bad as well. Still, fyl op.

Damn_Hippster 11

Your dad is secretly a rat exterminator, and he came over to "meet" these rats. I think his job here is done.

You're a bit of an asshole for calling someone you don't know an asshole. Guess that makes me an asshole too. Guess where all assholes. Maybe thats why the world is so screwed. Ponder on that instead of a dead rat.

mrpipp 0

Op is the fucking retard who has rats as pets and has their father come over to fucking meet them. If that was my kid, i'd skip killing the rats and go straight to disowning my kid.

mrpipp 0

Wow way to fucking moderate my comment because I have an opinion

HannahWho 8

Why do I have to ponder, 119, on anal sex instead of dead rats?

rats and bunnies arnt pets but vermin

What are you even talking about. Anal sex? No I wouldn't have anal with you. Cause you're ugly. Ponder that

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#116 - we're*

Maybe I purposely didnt spell that correctly to draw the assholes out of the shadows and call me out on it. And guess what. You win asshole! Way to prove a point :). I win

So hes the verminator

heyyyaubrey 9

umm..yeah? !?

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Rats can make wonderful pets if you train them properly! They're actually quite sweet sometimes.

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I had three rats a few years ago and they were so sweet. :) They definitely are good pets.

If hamsters - those cute-looking but super aggresive bastards - can be pets, rats surely can. I've heard that rats are really sweet and lovely animals. Besides of that, even if OP had a chimpanzee in her house, do you really think it's fair of the dad to kill it? God, your idiotism is hurting my brains. Her dad is or an asshole or a moron for killing animals that wear friggin' pink harnesses.

StromyG2 10

My brain hurts because you said "besides of that".

chell1894 13

Rats are better pets then hamsters. Hamsters are evil little bastards

ShroomsOnAcid 16

53, I can't see her location from the app but I'm 99% sure she's not from an English speaking country. It's rather shameful that her English is actually better than many people for whom it is a native language. It wasn't that bad of an error, and you understood her point. You must have one fragile brain, my friend.

14, same applies to cats. Doesn't mean they can't be pets.

LoveMay 10

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ShroomsOnAcid 16

84, I really doubt English is her first language. I come to that conclusion because the grammatical mistakes she makes are characteristic of ESL speakers. The mistakes native speakers make are quite different, usually related to the difference between spoken and written language (your/you're, could of/could have, etc).

RoseTintMyWorld 8

They are wonderful pets! I love my ratties!

You will love your little rats till they chew a hole through their cage escape into your home procreate And take over your home. Rats have those little red eyes because they only see blood.. @ 53. Lay off the tiny grammar error she only made two of them. From the hundreds of other comments I have seen in my life, she performed above and beyond the standards set by the English language. Everyone makes mistakes. Like your description of yourself for example. If you were awesome you would have come up with something funny or interesting to say. But since your brain's activity level is on par with my cats desire to chase sunbeams and laser points. You could only comment on one of the errors that could be found in her statement. A single grammatical error. It's a sad day when a wannabe grammar nazi overlooks a grammar error.

cooLING 0

Shrooms wasn't taking a grammar Nazi view. He was taking a linguistic view. ESL teaching/correction falls under linguistics, not English grammar.

63- I agree. Hamsters are terrible most times. Though you can get good ones. I prefer rats. I had two when I was 12, I loved those little creatures. They both lived 7 years and never had to stay in a cage (except to eat) after the first six months. Rats are easily trained and very sweet.

littletinyME 5

Aw! I accidentally thumbed you up! Damn it!

Did anyone else think of Ron Weasley?

The posts get translated you idiots

TheCarChanel 0

Ferrets are better

Squirrels pwn your smelly ferrets

'Besides of that' is wrong? Really? I use it so often in my comments here, and not a single person has told me how to write it properly. Even Google Translation doesn't know it. Since there is so much interest in my languages: here they are: First and native language: Dutch Second language: French Third language: German Fourth language: English (but I use it more than French and German)

First of all, are any animals really MEANT to be pets? No, humans made that so. And second of all, rats make loving pets. I've had two rats and I used to raise mice as well as hamsters. Hamsters are evil little rodents that don't like the company of anybody. Hell, they don't even like other hamsters. Rats love to be played with and will climb onto your shoulder and just chill there.

Rock on, DjeePee

I realize this is forever ago, but the way to say it is just 'besides that' or just 'besides' ^^ just in case you want to use it in the future without more people bothering you. I personally think it doesn't matter since we got the point.

heyyyaubrey 9

see guys? English is her FOURTH language and she still speaks better than most kids and teens and even some adults today.

I like rats. They do make good pets.

Yeah, well, ignorant jerks aren't meant to be on the internet; should we kill you?

Awww rats that really sucks...

JessieMongoose 11


I see what you did there...

Her her, dat's punny.

So2011 4

Those rats were obviously pets because of their harnesses. I have never seen a sewer rat or any other kind wearing a harness. Very rude of your dad.

If I was a rat I might want to die then be taken care of by a person that puts a walking harness on me and let's me "play" on the sofa...

Thats horrible!! I love rats :( that was beyond wrong!

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Calvin and Hobbes is the best!!

Well yes I guess you could say that. But I find I am more sophisticated than him by far. He just doesn't know it :3

Although I'm not sure why I'm being down thumbed. I thought I made a legitimate statement that implied that the dad shouldn't have killed the pet rats because: 1- he came to see meet them 2- they were wearing harnesses

GoW_Chick 14

I blame your thumbs down on garden gnomes, evil little bastards, I know they come to life when I'm not looking, and one day I'll catch them, even if it's the last thing I do! *twitch*

*redneck voice* Those dang garden gnomes! Always making my garden look nice! *loads shotgun* They'll never see it comin'

Prefer a machine gun to shotgun. More ammo and accuracy And where do I sign up to enlist in the defense against the malicious garden gnomes

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#8: Maybe because rats are awesome pets?

GoW_Chick 14

Why do we have pet dogs, cats, birds, fish, hedgehogs even? The answer is because we can.

keyboo 0

Believe it or not but rats are awesome pets I feel if u want a pet from the rodent family rats are the way to go very low up keep u can make your own food foot them and unless it was mistreated or scared really bad they don't bite

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Why are you in 10th grade?

mama2b3 20

-15 Where can I get a hedgehog? That would complete my life!

Avoriginies_fml_fml 14

I got my hedgie from an independent breeder. They're always nicer than the ones from a store.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

199- Your picture nearly made me piss myself. Thanks, guess who isn't turning the light off tonight.

jerseyboy732 16

with a dad like him I'm surprised he just didn't bring over a cat

GoW_Chick 14

Looks like pinky and the brain aren't going to be taking over the world.

Omg my hero Can't believe someone remembers that cartoon series

HannahWho 8

I know that series.

floopyflooper 2

144- Any way to put your two cents in, right?

pyxie_fml 2

Your dad is an ass. There was no reason to make that mistake.