By disgusting - 31/05/2015 09:13 - United Kingdom - Thetford

Today, I uploaded a photo of myself at the beach on Facebook. The first comment it got was "Wow!! If I was 20 yrs younger, oh boy ;)". Yeah, thanks for that, grandpa. FML
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Yeah, good thing he isn't.

jojimugo 20

He could just say you're beautiful... Keep that shit simple


I hope he's just trying to be friendly. It probably is just his way of saying that you're beautiful

It's creepy regardless.

jojimugo 20

He could just say you're beautiful... Keep that shit simple

Yeah, good thing he isn't.

Grandpa didn't choose thug life. The thug life chose grandpa.

Seems like you've got quite the family, OP.

He's just being encouraging!

I don't think 'encouragement' means what YOU think it means.

Well thankfully he isn't

RowanNightShade 22

I'm hoping he meant well, but maybe you need to talk to your grandpa.

myoukei 31

Or just never talk to him again....

Incoming "wincest" comments

For the grandpa maybe

I died a little on the inside

Your grandpa is 20 yrs older to you?

yeah becaused he concieved is son at the age of 9 who concieved his daughter at the age of 9 makes perfectly sense...

That actually has happened... I can't remember where but I remember hearing about a 21 year old grandparent

Nah, the youngest grandmother ever is some Roma woman who is 23.

59 that's grandmother not grandfather, guys can get older girls pregnant even if they are very young

SydLovesLacey 18

Similar shit has happened to me. (Shudders)