By Eragons_Mommy92 - United States
Today, my apartment was robbed by my landlord. Her logic? "I own the building, and therefore everything in it." That TV cost more than my rent. FML
Eragons_Mommy92 tells us more :
This is mine. we did call the cops. we have to prove its our tv so now we have to find the receipt from 2 years ago. her whole family is into illegal shit. her son got arrested recently for forging the mayors signature. we intend on moving as soon as we find an available apartment.
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Ha restitution? My so called "friend" stole my iPod 3 years ago, we went to court over it, and i have yet to see any restitution. The only way it got replaced was me going out and paying for it.

  GreenAppleDP  |  0

Sounds like your average slumlord. I've rented many houses, and something like this has never happened to me.. Not yet anyways. It's illegal to go into the house without permission, and it's illegal to take what's not rightfully yours. Every time I've rented, I've contacted my landlord and informed them that the locks will be changed, and when my contract is up they can have the new key. They can only claim what is added on to the house or apartment itself, not what is inside. OP, you really need to fight this.

  willis123  |  3

#275, you don't have to back it up itunes and Google play have a record of every thing you have bought or loaded onto your iPod , even songs that are from a cd

  odexy  |  12

Why even comment if you're just gonna bitch at someone for no reason and not even say anything relevant to the fml?

But yeah, I really don't get how someone could possibly have the mindset of OP's landlord. It's pretty much common sense that you can't just take someone's things. Ever.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Hmmm. Time to call the fuzz, 5-0, cops, police. Call some form of law enforcement. Get your tv back, get her to go to jail for felony theft. I hope you did this the second you found out she took your tv

  Otherhats  |  20

I would get so mad, first I would move my stuff out into a truck I would rent. second I would splatter paint everything and make it look ugly as fuck. Third, I would leave, and never go back.

  spazz666  |  18

Generally switching locks or adding any in an apartment complex will cause you to become defect of your agreement and you can therefore be evicted. Not so smart. Look over the lease agreement, see if it says anything about security of your belongings and then call the police. She will have one hell of a court hearing if all she has for reasoning is "It was in my building, so I own it." because technically you are temporarily buying the place, and therefore you own that section, not her.