Communication breakdown

By xX_nsn_Xx - 03/02/2012 14:47 - United States

Today, the pervert in my computer class asked me if I "mowed my lawn." Not knowing this was a vaguely sexual term, I replied, "No, my dad does." FML
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tylersign 11

Was his reaction something like: "Ooh, even better."? If so... Leave that place.

Redoxx_fml 22

At least you didn't say "no I let it grow wild"


tylersign 11

Was his reaction something like: "Ooh, even better."? If so... Leave that place.

Well maybe now OP the perv will leave you alone. On the other hand though the whole school probably knows now.

shift_love 13

He got you like a snake in the grass

I wish FML's OP tell is what happened afterwards haha ????

30-Okay that was terrible English... And that's coming from a French speaker.

30 Please crawl in a hole and die. Thanks, Your best friend. -BrickWalls

Damn_Hippster 11

30- English isn't your first language, is it?

@73 Possibly not their 15th language, either...

stephanieeDawnx 0

That's sort've creepy that you know where he lives.....just saying

Morgannnnuhhh 1

He probably meant to say us* my predictive text changes us to is all the time.

I'm from Texas and I don't speak like that...

tylersign 11

156- No idea what you just said, but your eyes are pretty.

Uno dos tres cuatro, bonjour moneme. ¡Hola! Como esta? Muy bien, Gracias. ¿Y usted?

Haha vaguely sexual? Wow OP. live in a barn?

Yes, but certainly not by her father.

If that's what mowing the lawn is then what have I been doing to the grass? Shaving it's pubes?

mama2b3 20

#44 I'm not sure why I found your comment so funny but I did lol

imcutefml 0
GoW_Chick 14

Wait..what? "The pay is the smell," are you saying OP smells bad down there, or what? You know not everyone has bad smells coming from that area.

TheDrifter 23

Not all smells are bad smells. Scented body wash and sushi is a smell, but a good smell.

imcutefml 0

Most guys like smelling cause they each have their own smell

massacreman3000 1
Redoxx_fml 22

At least you didn't say "no I let it grow wild"

tylersign 11

"So the bugs have a place to live."

"then I eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner"

skyeyez9 24

Reminds me of the fml I read where a man woke up to discover an ant colony moved into his beard.

Or like my neighbor. She keeps hers as a bird sanctuary. It's really bushy.

"Oh no, this guy called Elmo does every Sunday! He keeps it nice and short! It always looks great."

I find it cheaper to pick up a random Mexican from Home Depot, or pay one of the neighborhood kids to do it... What?

Oh god, if he'd asked me that and I replied "no, I hire an old guy named Pedro to do it for me in the summers"... Eeek I'd die from embarrassment!

Who hires old Pedro to do it. Get a two-for-one with Pedro's hot grandson... mowed lawn and cute butt to oogle! [/perv]

lmao! oh god, i think i have a tear *wipes corner of eye* anywho OP it could've been worse..

If you're gonna complain about peoples problems, dont go on FML. It doesn't matter how much shit has happened to you, some people are just more emotionally affected by smaller things. I know my girlfriend was emotionally affected by my smaller thing...

MerrikBarbarian 9

Wtf are you on about 129? That didn't relate to anything at all? Except apparently your gf was emotionally scared by your small dick is all I got from that.

129's picture was my reaction to his comment.

raney150 0

Haha, just laugh it off OP. it's not that bad.

Its sad how lazy that generation is getting

this should have 1 thumb down, but I was on a bus and I hit the wrong button. so... yeah

Lazy? Or just plain weird. I wonder how people will find mates in 20 years.... Bird calls?

1215116a 14

It's funny how you assume so quick. So what they're dad mows the (actually) lawn? My dad does, but other than that he is lazy! I don't, but I wash the dishes, sweep, mop, etc. So I'm not lazy for not mowing the law...

dsbs 9

Yea I don't mow the law either

HannahWho 8

Depending on how wild Op's lawn is... she might actually be very proactive.

I was talking about the perv, his tactics of trying to pock up chicks are.... Weird