By are you kidding me? - 10/03/2014 08:22 - United Kingdom - Northolt

Today, I had to bail my brother out of jail because he started a fight with a guy who didn't like owls. FML
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Owl bet he feels pretty dumb now!

Your location verifies my suspicion that your brother fought Ron Weasely. What a lucky guy.


Owl bet he feels pretty dumb now!

Hoo would do such a thing?

You should've let him handle it owl by himself. Owl he needs is a little self control.

This owl pun is a tawny bit barn-y.

\ 28

He needs a better owlet for his anger.

These puns are pure gold

Nickb55 16

Yeah they sure are a hoot!

owl hunt him down for you

he shouldnt have get into a browl.... over an owl...

howly shit! hope you two are owlright!

REALAfroninga 11

Wowl. I didn't think these puns would make me laugh so hard!!

Sounds like the brother had a real hoot, that is until he ended up spending owl night in jail.

It must be nice for him to know that you'll owlways be there for him!

Owl bet he has snow friends now. He is probably tawny apart. Owl would have don't the same thing as him.

is he owlways this short tempered?

Some of these puns are a real hoot, but some of these are just owlful!

Owl the Kings horses and owl the Kings men...

Your location verifies my suspicion that your brother fought Ron Weasely. What a lucky guy.

He probably fought a mouse, a shrew or perhaps Simon Cowell. Y'know, 'cause everyone [else] is fond of owls. (I hope anybody gets this.)

There's owls in your dressing room.

owls in your gravy.

He's just bitter because he wasn't accepted into Hogwarts.

I was gonna say a pun about owls but they don't fly around here

SemiAuto 21

Sometimes you just gotta wing it!

I see Harry's getting a little crazy.

R.I.P. Hedwig :'(

Whooo doesn't like owls?

And I thought that we in the U.S. got into fights over stupid stuff

Nope. That'd be Scotland.Everyone knows that the Scottish are tough and love to fight. But you tend to be tough in a country where the thistles are waist high and no one's invented trousers.

Owlch I bet that hurt

Sinistra_Blue 12

"Hey, don't you just LOVE owls more than anything else in the whole wide world?" "What? Uh, not really?" *punch*

sheesh where was that owl city?