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By Anonymous - 15/02/2010 10:02 - United Kingdom

Today, my grandmother gave me a sex talk on how I should take "precautions", right in the middle of a packed bus station. I'm 21. FML
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buttshapedfruit 0

haha!! grandmas... u gtta love em xD lmao

HeeeB21 0

u should of ask her if they still swallowed back then, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't talk anymore about it


ImRawrtastic 0
kooner55 0

Probably no one else was listening. And if they were, eh. Almost everyone has had some awkward variation of "the talk" with a relative. Ask grams for advice on positions, thrust strength, threesome etiquette, etc. She'll either stop talking about or give you great advice. Either way, she and all the people at the station will think her grandson is the man.

aDerangedStateOf 0

I've never had the sex talk, hell my family doesnt even think ill ever get any. Consider yourself ahead of the game pal.

Zigma_fml 0

Why did she do that? Did she think you'd suddenly decide to have an orgy with all of the passengers?

I'm here to help young ladie he's a ass and exploit it to eeryone u know

AngryNinja 1

you should've been like 'too late, grandma'. the rest if the bus riders would've laughed and it would have been less awkward

balls... kinda weird.. but grandma for the win!

buttshapedfruit 0

haha!! grandmas... u gtta love em xD lmao

DanceGirl01 0

ahahahah nice!! that made my day hahah.

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YDI for being at bus stop with u grandma.. be nice and pay for a cab

xundria 5

Grandma is experienced in life and full of wisdom, heed her words wisely!!

KurouTenshi 0

At least you got the talk :D some people just get condoms for their 16th birthday and a deaththreat saying I better not make grandkids......I mean......yeah...

Granny thinks you have a chance at getting laid ROFL!