By SpilledWater93 - Ireland - Bray
Today, an American lady here in Ireland asked me if I was a Leprechaun. Thinking she was joking, and me being quite "vertically challenged," I decided to just say yes. She then grabbed me and made me endure photographs, cuddles and pats on the head from all her fellow tourists. FML
SpilledWater93 tells us more :
To those of you who are American, please stop apologising and feeling bad, I actually found that lady and her friends quite amusing so they made my day. And what's more the story got published on here, that's more exciting than a pot of gold any day
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Don't apologize for other people. If you weren't involved, it's not your place.

  tygerarmy  |  35

Sorry OP. Was the whole group as idiotic as her? How did they make you? By all of them swarming you? You should've mentioned leprechaun rights, and having important leprechaun things to do and tried to excuse yourself.


No, because in that case saying you were sorry would be an act of sympathy/empathy. #2 was apologizing for the acts of another person because they share the characteristic of being from America. Want a hat with that straw man?


However, I'm starting to feel that OP was specifically soliciting this response by making sure to point out the nationality instead of just referring to her as a tourist.

Let's go farther, why aren't women apologizing for this on behalf of women who aren't morons? OP also pointed out that it was woman. Oh, they weren't actually involved; they likely were on different continents at the time, and they likely had never met the people involved before?

  Mirorbo  |  26

Apologizing on behalf of a group you are part of is an act of acknowledging that yes, there is a problem, but wish to ensure not everyone is like that; including yourself. Example would be me out with my friends at a bar and one of my buddies is being a total ass to another patron while having tipped one too many bottles. I'd apologize on his behalf to the target while getting him away.

Nothing wrong with acknowledgement and politeness.


Maybe I should clarify 32, because that sounded rougher than I meant for it to. You were involved in the incident because you were with the person. Whether you apologize for that because you were involved in the situation is your own prerogative. Maybe you could've intervened with her consumption, maybe not. However, this scenario would be like someone across the bar apologizing because he or she also is drinking alcohol. Again, there's a difference between "I'm sorry that you have to put up with that" (showing sympathy or empathy depending on that person's background) and saying "I'm sorry for what she is doing."

  fsomelife  |  26

That's fair. But your initial protest was against Mororbo apologising FOR someone/something, not on behalf of someone. If what upset you was the behalf thing, that was absolutely unclear.


23- First, I don't know if "man" was meant just as a casual remark, but if it weren't, I'm a girl. And isn't this kind of being empathetic and sympathetic to OP by apologizing for the acts of the American?


Wow. Straw man is a logical fallacy used when an opponent misrepresents an argument making it easier to attack. It's said to be like building a man of straw. It had nothing to do with your sex. Please do some researdh.


I'm terrible sorry, I read it as "straw, man?" It's hard to detect tone when you read. My mistake. Or, should I not be sorry? Does it apply here? However, please don't think of me as uneducated and in need of research if I didn't understand a saying. Certain things are said in certain places. I don't mean to have an argument with a person on FML, so I'll leave it at this. Your argument wasn't great in the first place, and now you kind of seem like a jerk. But to each their own. Have a nice day!

  lexi365  |  20

This thread of comments to me represents ever FML comment about "idiotic Americans" posts:
1. The Canadians and Europeans who comment about America's high rate of ignorance and stupidity.
2. Americans apologizing for the ignorant American(s).
3. Americans who still go around posting "we're still the best" and stuff.

  Loveyou6611  |  20

If he was smart he would take advantage of those idiots. 5$ a picture this is probably the last time you will see a real live leprechaun. Forget being humiliated by it, use it. From an American.

By  simplysarcastics  |  26

Wow. All I have to say is some of us Americans are actually sane, also you can keep that lady over there in Ireland, we already have to many that are cookoo. Lol and I picture her being to rough with all the pats on thw head. Knowing me I would kick her in the shins

  floon_fml  |  13

It's true.. So many people are quick say.. That's Americans for you.. While I agree there are a lot of stupid people in America.. I'd say the same thing about every single other country. It just seems like everyone wants to hate on Americans. Hm.

By  abbymackenziee  |  20

I'm so sorry, OP. Americans are so stupid, and unfortunately I have to deal with them everyday.

  kirrra  |  11

#59 is it possible that #6 isn't American but is just living there? honestly, I cant remember if the location is picked up via internet or if we enter it in ourselves

  vibernum  |  17

And comments like that are why I hate going to Canada. Not everyone is the same, so that stands to reason not all Americans are an embarrassment to our country. That being said, I like the Australian way of hating everyone equally.