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  iKaite  |  0

Yknow, I dont mean to sound like, brainy or nothing, keep this to yourself, but I've heard Biker Bars are where Bikers go. Sorry to sound smart or anything.

  penizulaface  |  0

urm... "biker bar" isnt something ive ever seen here in the uk. ever. i assumed it was something to do with motorbikes but why a bar would be aimed at only people that ride them is beyond me.

and yes, i was first, but unfortunately i didnt see the point in going ZOMFGIFICATIONFIRSTOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMGOGMOGMGOMGGPWND!

wankers -.-

  penizulaface  |  0

oh shit yeah, i didnt think to google the name of a bar that i know nothing of before asking what a biker bar was because i havent seen one before!

and for those that think im retarded consider telling someone that hasnt ever seen/heard of a biker bar that theyre stupid... i mean what are they supposed to serve, like motorbike beer? theyre probably just normal bars aimed at "bikers".

  luccmon  |  6

Back in the day, @29, all bikers were hard asses. Well most of them. Now it's flimsy wether someone is a weekend rider or a real hog hound. But bak when they were all bad asses that wore leather jackets and nobody felt comfortable at "that biker bar" seems whatever bar it was, was usually seedy, smokey and full of laughs booze and fights. Had shady goings on and definitely provided a good time.