By Already Broke Asf - United States - Rock Hill
Today, my 19-year-old brother broke into my dorm and robbed me. When I tried to file a report, my brother went to my parents and told them that he took it because I owed him money on a bet. Guess who lost $92.50. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I do understand op not wanting to file a report and go to the police about this. You have to realize that op's brother would be charged for this and have a permanent record. Which means that every time he has to fill out an application for a job he is legally required to check off that he has a criminal record, which severely affects his chances of getting a good job. Yes, the brother is in the wrong. 100% he is. But I understand not wanting to file a report and have something that can affect him and his job/career/life for the rest of his life. I would try and resolve this between the family first. Tell him (or the parents) that if he doesn't give it back, that you will file a report, and he will have a permanent record which will affect every job he has and stay with him for life. Maybe that will get them to smarten up.

  Leafa  |  21

If your parents took his side just because he said that I would say they're lacking common sense. Like everyone else is saying, I think going to the police is the best option.