By ash - 25/08/2011 22:57 - United States

Today, I had to admit that I'm an alcoholic when I spent my last dollar bills on Southern Comfort instead of tampons. FML
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Who needs tampons? Just go with the flow

Who needs tampons, bottles work fine too. Well I hope they do...


Who needs tampons, bottles work fine too. Well I hope they do...

clever, but beyond gross

1 is right and it has the word 'comfort' on it too.

You're going to need that alcohol for the days that are coming.

hmmm, shove a bottle up your ass (pretending it's a bleeding vagina) and yea I bet it'll work just fine... at least I hope it does.

Southern Comfort? Your not an alcoholic. Your just a candy fiend.

Atleast you picked the good alcohol...

at enonymous, "heinekin", that is all.

I doubt that booze is gonna comfort you down south, if you know what I'm saying.

I would have chosen SoCo over tampons as well. I'd have no use for said tampons anyway. Unless they'd fit up my nose during a violent nose bleed...

You bought the wrrooong southern comfort.

If anyone's seen "1 man 1 jar" you would know it doesn't work

#37- Your comment was n_epic_fail...

And your just a "juiced boi", really?

78- bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. Please don't look that video up. Very bad memories....

48 I'm German and even I don't like heineken. Give me a Bit-burger, Spaten, Pilsner Urquel instead

Has anyone realized that they're from Arkansas? Lol. This from that little tidbit this FML makes total sense.

I was going to make a joke about making bloody marries but that would be gross.

If you have a shamwow? That soaks things up pretty well...

101, I always thought it was Dutch... Is it German?

Tampons are for nerds. Just camp in the bathroom all the way.

Oh yea sounds fun...

2-I would camp in the bathroom. my period gets so bad I get nauseous, break into sweats, and muscle cramps in my arms and legslike dehydration. this fml makes so much sense.

Tampons can also be used for nose bleeds. So they are more useful than beer (from "shes the man")

Good old SoCo. I have a guy who frequents the bar and takes at least 3 shots an hour.

Tampons are over rated

Dont drink and might spill your beer...

Reading the FML properly, I think spilling beer is the least of her worries.

Oh really...i had no idea..

So, 3, I'm assuming you like the smell of a dying fish?

Actually, 3 is a man, so I'm guessing he has ever had to smell that. thats why it is so awesome to be a dude!?

Who needs tampons? Just go with the flow

Ron:Period! Hermione: I thought your phrase was "Bloody Hell" Ron: Same thing.


Ew, have fun with that messy situation. Pads? lol

I'm guessing OP doesn't have pads either since she can't even buy tampons.

if she cant afford pads, she probably has ductape and paper towels.

An excellent choice indeed. Now you can pass out piss drunk and wake up in a blood puddle :/

Well, on the brightside...when you're hungover daily in the bathroom, the shower will always be there when you need a quick clean! No tampons needed!

Wow, well yuu can always steal...

Haha that's what I was thinking! You can jack tampons but you can't steal liquor!

So do you have a drinking problem? Nope, I got mine pretty much figured out. Love Jeff Dunham!

I love cookies...

I love trains

I love noodles...

I love john caparulo...not that any of you know who he is...hes a way better comedian then jeff dunham if you dont think so check him out yourself on netflix or youtube...

I love hippos in tutus.

Psh. Who needs tampons anyway?

Something like most women?