Go out please!

By night_fox88 - 27/01/2020 05:00 - United States - Camden

Today, I woke up to my overly religious grandmother trying to shove salt down my throat yelling "DEMON BE GONE!". Why? I didn't wear the cross neckless she bought me. FML
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Neckless = no neck Necklace= jewelry worn around the neck

Go back to school pls


Salt? That's no good for demonic possession. Tell your idiot grandmother to watch "The Exorcist" to know what the fuck to do!

Go back to school pls

Neckless = no neck Necklace= jewelry worn around the neck

Mungolikecandy 19

It sounds like she may have some form of mental disorder such as hyperreligiousity if such a small act can trigger such a response.

time for gam gam to go to a mental facility

What did you do? Your grandmother is either super religious or has been watching to much supernatural.

Elisabetha Aarron 18

Did you even read the FML before commenting??

bl3ur0z3 17

The bigger crime is your spelling of necklace.

Have her arrested and charged with assault.

Don't you mean assalt?

“Neckless” lmao

Have the fruitcake committed.