By foxfur - 14/07/2016 12:21 - United States - Williamstown

Today, my drinking habit hit a new low when I waited almost an hour to go to the liquor store after it opened because I didn't want to seem desperate. FML
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Get help now before it's too late.

"There she is again. She's just been standing there for an hour, staring." "Should we do something?" "Nah, she can't be that desperate. Give her another hour."


Get help now before it's too late.

Yes. Please do OP. We are here for you. You can do it.

I thought drinking made people less socially aware.

I wish there was a option in between fyl and ydi

Just select both

There is no option for YDI but there needs to be

I don't get the "that could've been me" or "glad that wasn't me" buttons... doesn't clicking FYL kinda hint at that already? Otherwise those buttons are like giving you two exact same options in one FML

katachristic 19

They seem to put it on certain FMLs where it's inappropriate or potentially dangerous to say YDI. Like "Today I found out I have cancer, FML." generally shouldn't garner many YDIs, but some members of the community...

Because feelings might get hurt on a page that was originally started as a way to make fun of yourself and let others laugh along. Seems like these days it's for people to complain about their perceived misery and hope others agree

Get help ! Sounds like you're calling out for help! Recovery can be tough but it's possible ! Believe me!

Day drinking is a bad habit to get into. Say no to drinking and yes to Pokemon GO. I've heard it's just as addicting and also results in making stupid decisions while driving!

"There she is again. She's just been standing there for an hour, staring." "Should we do something?" "Nah, she can't be that desperate. Give her another hour."

If you are such a regular that you worry about what the staff think of you then you are already desperate. Time to admit y ou have a problem and get some help.

You see; I don't have that problem. I split all my alcohol shopping up between three different stores. It's pretty easy since I strategically moved into a place directly between them. No, sir! No problems, here! *quietly weeps in the corner*

ollygollymolly 6

I feel like the people at the store down my street think I have a problem. I do most of my food shopping elsewhere and go in there for liquor and wine because liquor is cheaper and they have my favourite wine.

At least you recognize that you have a problem. Now it's time for you to take action and beat your addiction. Today is your day.

Maybe you should try to talk to someone before it's too late and there's always AA so no one even has to know about it

Know the problems of being a habitual drinker all too well, change your routine and you can change the habit. Also if you get into a good workout regiment you'll find yourself desiring alcohol a lot less.