By OfficeSlave - 25/08/2011 21:55 - United States

Today, I found out that my company is paying more for hors d'oeuvres at one party than I will receive for my entire year long internship. FML
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You're just an intern. Be glad they invited you. I'd be stoked to go to a party with free expensive shit.

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Atleast u r getting paid... Better thn a non paid internship...


MerrikBarbarian 9

ask for a raise then?

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whats hors d'ourvres :O???

14- When people get hungry for a stripper

Interns are often lucky even to be allowed to work for free. OP is most likely young enough that it'll pay off later.

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your not suppose to get shit as an intern. thank them for letting you have any "hors d'oeuvres" and add a smile :)

Eat a shitload of hors d'oeuvres to recoup the loss.

It's an internship. You're not supposed to be paid at all. In fact, most internships are unpaid.

That's what happens when you dress like a prostitute to an internship interview. Slut -_-

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Actually It depends on the field. Most computer science internships where I live pay around $10 an hour.

duckman9 55

I dunno what internships you've had, but the internship I've had for 6 months was paid with about $20/h...

Did you dress up sexily for your Interview with the bosses wife?

easier said than done

In their defence: hors d'ouevres do taste well

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Depends, what kind?

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Can someone describe it? I find that I am quite lost in this conversation :(

Hors d'oeuvre is a stupid way of saying "snacks". People just took the French word (not saying French is stupid, I'm just saying that it's ridiculous for English to steal a complicated word like that without translating it to 'hordurve' first) and decided to use it to sound fancier.

Not really snacks, more like appetizers

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Atleast u r getting paid... Better thn a non paid internship...

What's with all these internship stories? Is there a convention going on or something?

I haven't seen any other internship FMLs...

Actually, yes, yes there was: the one with the girl wearing an inappropriate outfit for her interview, to become a law intern.

You're just an intern. Be glad they invited you. I'd be stoked to go to a party with free expensive shit.

Did you expect them to serve Lunchables?

Exactly. They a real effing job like the rest of us, haha.

Dude lunchables are amazing, id be happy to get that... Unless i was dead then i want a side of kraft dinner

Fuck i replyed to the wrong comment!

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You're a ******* intern. Be thankful you're even getting paid.

Internships are important. They help busineses with petty work that needs to be completed so that employees can get the "real" work done to keep a company in business.

Internships are slave labour. If a company has 'petty' work that needs doing, they should hire someone to do it properly. These are actual people with actual lives. Paying people to do work is a fundamental cost of business.

Gotta man up and be like "HEY! gimme a raise" it should work.. Perfectly

When you took a job as an intern, you should have known you'd be treated like shit. You have no right to complain. For those who don't believe me, go on Urban Dictionary, type in intern, and look at the very first definition.

you know urban dictionary is just a bunch of peoples definitions and posts... I could say an intern was a fat old person with bad hygiene...

#67 is completely right. no one believes pretty much anything posted on there because of the fact ANYONE can give any word any definition they want/ feel like. Google is more reliable than urban dictionary and who knows what'll pop up on there sometimes

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a lot of internships don't pay at all. that does suck, but you're lucky

Rob it! Rape and pillage! Steal there precious snacks