By scratchy - 08/02/2011 21:39

Today, my "friend" put itching powder in my cast while I was sleeping. FML
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The only way to reclaim your honor is to kill them.

b_tch move, put some itching powder on his towel before he/she take a shower.


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if your cast is on... how can he put it in it??

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hmm I guess? I've never had a cast. my friends have, but I can't see how the powder could go deep enough to where you can't scratch it

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Once your arm is done swelling, there's usually space near the top you can put stuff down (but not reach down).

I had a cast on for 6 weeks from football. It itched enough with just the cast. That sucks.

I had a cast for ten weeks after a hockey accident they suck enough on there own

I'm thinking push his arm down pour the powder in then let go of his arm

I'm thinking push his arm down pour the powder in then let go of his arm

b_tch move, put some itching powder on his towel before he/she take a shower.

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If she's a girl put a ton of itching powder on her tampons

Wow, all this time I thought ichy powder was a cartoon thing. Well now I know.

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epic win 39, op if ur reading this listen to #39

cast him off. better yet, break things off. if your friendship is fractured, i'm sorry to say it's soon to be broken right in two. this may come as a shock, but it's quite marrowing how often this happens. osteo-poor you.

awesome. we have massive tv and a Canucks jersey signed by the entire 2004 team.

how do you feel about sarcastic and asinine replies. you seem quite accustomed to them I see as it's your only defense.

what exactly do i need to defend myself against? i'm glad we're friends. your teasing is so cute.

Your head going through a spike would be cute too.

i don't believe my head would fit through a spike, to be honest.

You two should cut the Perry Cox/Jordan Sullivan-esque flirting and go straight to ripping the other's clothes off already. This is like reading the manuscript of an Animal Planet special. Good lord.

#24 no one is talking to you flaming factor, gtfo.

i'm down! (i think akeem is shy though)

But I wanna turn this lovers' tango into a New Order song. LET ME IN, DAMNIT.

I apologize I meant to say ****** not factor. silly auto correct.

akeem, caaaaaalm down dude. it's cool, it's just the internet. also seriously, what's your issue with me? if you don't like my comments you don't have to read them. i'm not forcing you, i promise.

But I'm gay for you, Akeem. ;___; WHY DO YOU HATE ME WHEN I SHOW YOU NOTHING BUT LOVE.

we can be gay for each other, dude. i'm a flaming ******, and proud of it!

just the thought of knowing your shit comments graze the smallest of memory on this site angers me to the point to where I must act.

We should tag-team Akeem. I'll work my way down his throat with more force than a Facehugger from the Alien movies.

don't feed the trolls. akeem, seriously, if you're actually ANGERED by my comments, i'm concerned.

34: that was one of the most disturbing (read: arousing) things I have ever read. ever.

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Seriously, I think you should put that cast to good use and beat him over the head.

you should get back at your "friend" !!:)

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I've done quite a few pranks in my time, but I'll never understand those who pull pranks that will leave damaging effects on the victim....

Tomorrow's post by this same OP: "Today, I bitchslapped my 'friend' for yesterday's itching powder incident."