By yoshithecat - United Kingdom - Slough
Today, after being unemployed for almost two years, I was turned down for yet another job. The reason this time? I live too far from the job. I can see the building from my bedroom window. FML
yoshithecat tells us more :
I don't live on a hill, the building where I would've been working is a bit tall as well which works into me being able to see it from my window. The building is all of a mile from my flat. No, lol it isn't the Shard! I did express this to them and their response then was telling me they found someone more suited for the position. I have no clue why they didn't bother saying that in the first place though. A funny thought though, I put my postcode on my CV, so if they actually thought a little into the lie they fed me, maybe they'd have just stuck with the truth in the first place. Thanks for all the positive feedback, sorry I wasn't more clear in the original post - expressing I was a mile away from the building. Hopefully I'll get a job soon! *crosses fingers*
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  punkyboy  |  11

it seems like it wasn't a mistake. they were probably trying to let him down easy because they didn't want to openly say he wasn't what they were looking for.

  tiffy_mag  |  4

Using distance from work or commute time is illegal when hiring. You should get them to tell you in writing why you weren't selected. And then let them know (if that's truly the reason) that it is illegal and you will file a complaint if they don't hire you.

  brackaman  |  18

If it weren't for the fact that op is in the uk, I have thought they were Sarah Palin, who claims to see Russia from her backyard in Alaska. Who knows? Maybe op lives in rapunzel's tower and can see things for 100miles around in every direction.

By  ScenicSubterfuge  |  39

Wow. I feel your pain. I've been trying to get a job for nearly a year now. I keep getting deferred to those stupid online applications, which is frustrating because no one ever replies to those.

One of the most upsetting things though, is that my friend walked into target, asked if they were hiring, and they have him an interview right on the spot. Seriously???

Oh well. Good luck, OP, on the job search.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

The exact same thing happened to me once. I walked into Target and asked for a job, and they told me that they weren't looking for any more workers and that I need to apply online. A few days later my friend went into Target and asked for a job, and they gave it to her right away.

I later found out I wasn't hired because I don't have the right "look". Which really annoyed me because I've worked at a job employment agency in the past, so I know how to dress when applying for jobs. It pisses me off when stores are more interested in hiring people who look good or have friends in the store than people who have the right skills for the job,


Yep. Plus, a lot of people, like myself, are very personable and do EXTREMELY well during interviews. I know that if I could just sit the employer down for five minutes he would be begging for me, but now a' days the employer has lost that relationship with potential employees because of the lack of enthusiasm or care in customer service people and/or other third parties that you have to go through before you ever speak with an employer. All of the jobs I've had in the past -- that I only lost because I moved or school started -- were acquired because I was able to form a relationship with good, hearty family-owned business managers that still cared about the hard-working, honest American. (not that anyone from any other country wouldn't be as honest or hardworking.) everything is too quantity over quality work. I would gladly take the hours of two different workers that don't care for their job and I'd do it much more enthusiastically!

  perdix  |  29

#15, holy shit! You don't have the right "look" for Target?!?!? I mean, I can see not having the right "look" for Hooters, but I've checked out the personnel at several Targets across the U.S. and their appearance is not a real draw to the store.

If you don't have the right "look" for Target, that can only mean one career opprtunity for you: Wal*Mart.

  gabe222  |  25

Hey now, I'm stuck working at Walmart lol. Would love to find a tow company that wouldn't mind paying to insure me even though I'm 21... I would be an invaluable asset with my work ethic and my quick learning

  radmuffin  |  12

#15 I'm honestly not surprised that happened to you. I unfortunately worked for them for over 5 years and witnessed them hire "pretty" people (management especially) over people who were much more qualified. Hell, a store manager was denied the next position up (regional something or other) because she was a slightly heavier woman.

  TheDrifter  |  23

56, tow jobs are pretty good, but without related experience (delivery driver, pizza guy, trucking) that shows you should know the area it's tough, too many applicants. And liability insurance, for a rookie employee under age 25, forget about it, if the insurer will cover them at all the premiums are insane. I run a trucking company and I looked into hiring a pair of hard working kids, 19 and 22. Just those two employees would add 6 grand a month to my insurance and 3 grand a year to my workers comp. It really sucks, it'd be nice to get guys straight out of high school, willing to learn, instead of trying to steal them from other jobs later, but the regulations make it all but impossible.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

#50 Lol yeah, it was a really strange Target. Most of the people who worked there were under 21 and looked like Abercrombie and Fitch models. Even the manager looked younger than me. It was a pretty shitty situation since, like you said, it was only Target. It's not like they were an overly classy store or like my look wasn't "professional enough" for them.