Drunken antics

By qx5 - 08/01/2011 22:05 - Canada

Today, I put my paycheck in my wallet, intending to cash it in the next day. Later on, I met up with a friend and went to a party. I ended up getting so drunk, I gave away my $400 check in exchange for a pack of smokes, thinking it was a $5 bill. FML
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YDI for being so drunk you mistook a $400 check for a $5 bill.


derpherp 0

yeah ydi. half the people out there shouldn't drink.

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Damn if you can't handle your liquor and be coherent enough to know a $5 bill from a check you need to back off a little bit. Why not just bum or tell them youl get it tomorrow dummy.

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all right, I'm going to be the bitch: ydi for smoking. seriously. not only is it disgusting, you wouldn't have given away your check if you didn't start in the first place.

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you also deserve it for getting too ******* drunk before buying a pack. I'm adding to my comment before anyone calls me a dumbass. in fact, ydi for getting that drunk at all. I don't understand why people would do that >.<

At least the check wud be issued to him. The person he gave it to can't cash it cuz doesn't it require an ID?

Agreed. And seriously, a $400 paycheck? Could be worse, like a $4000 paycheck

nlr 9

pity pity pity!!! why would you go to a party with your paycheck in your pocket?! it's called putting it in your car! ydi for not thinking....

What's wrong with putting it in his wallet?! I'm sure you would have said something similar if he had put the check in the car then got it stolen

YDI for being so drunk you mistook a $400 check for a $5 bill.

You got the end of the story all wrong, which isn't surprising considering how drunk you were. What actually happened was you went to the bank, cashed the check, and used the $400 to pay for your buddy's hooker and booze. You got played, player.

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There are only 20 smokes in a pack he would have to sell them for $20 each....

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What do you expect of those Canadians and their Monopoly money? :P Sorry to hear that man...

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Blue_Eyed_Beast 7

I love going down on east people. :S lol

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OP, you have a problem and you fail at life.