By Seriously? - 09/03/2014 06:08 - United States - Mill Valley

Today, a teenage girl bumped into me and my phone fell out of my hands, and over the Golden Gate Bridge. FML
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did she even try to do the polite thing and jump after it?

I left my phooonnnneeee... In Saaaannn Frraaannnsisco...


Wow, that girl has no manners. Sorry about your phone OP.

An accidental bump does not mean the girl has no manners. People are clumsy.

mbusey 20

That's my question though - why did it even matter to OP that it was a teenage girl? How does the age or gender of the person who bumped into him make a difference in the fact that he dropped his phone?

at first I was like, oh it's okay just a broken screen and then I read the rest and I was like oh man, yeah, that's more than a broken screen

If you are going to be bumped into, teenage girl is better than anything else IMO.

He should've "accidentally" bumped her over the bridge

Did she even offer to pay for it? I think it would be the correct thing to do

It's just a way to identify who it was? Didn't say because she was a teenage girl she has no manners

beelee1988 13

#85 Why should she offer to pay for his phone if it was an accident?

Because accidents still happen. If I accidentally broke your phone wouldn't you want me too but you s new one?

I left my phooonnnneeee... In Saaaannn Frraaannnsisco...

friedpwnadge 25

Deeeep in the bayyyyyy It criesssss to meeeeeeeee

JMichael 25

Did you wear some flowers in your hair?

did she even try to do the polite thing and jump after it?

She must have bumped you pretty hard for it to go all the way over.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

It doesn't really take much for a phone to drop, though.

Lol you could interpret it as going over the bridge like over the top of it lol. I think it was a bad joke

lisaroxmysoxx 16

Always look on the positive side, at least it wasn't you that fell off the side of the bridge!

RpiesSPIES 27

Plot twist: OP fell down as well, and managed to type this FML before plunging to his/her death.

caohm 18

FMLLLLLLLLLLLLL is probably what your phone would say going over that bridge.

It probably wouldn't be saying anything... It's a phone!


26 - If it was an iPhone, Siri might yell that as she plunges to her death.

I really hope she apollogized. That sucks though :/

Just don't be a Hera, and jump in after it. Poseidon needs modern communication too.

Well it was California so I can say from years of personal experience she probably told him to watch where he is walking and called him no shortage of profanities while walking away. God I don't miss that place for a second.

Hopefully she didn't do it on purpose.

zarrie_carrie281 21

This is California we are talking about. hell no she almost certainly didn't apologies. probably laughed at him.

be happy it wasn't a huge guy....or else it would've been you and your phone!