By facingit - 08/11/2010 10:32 - Australia

Today, I was told that I look like a cross between Roger Federer and Neil Patrick Harris. Apparently I have a big forehead and a squished face. FML
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Both NPH and Federer are awesome and far from ugly. Suck it up, crybaby!

WARNING: OP is fishing for compliments.


Did your parents say that to you?

Quest_ 13

More importantly, are your parents actually Roger Federer and Neil Patrick Harris? Because that would be awesome.

trueblue42 4

at least they didn't compare you to Gary Coleman

restythestar 0

Neil Patrick Harris is the definition of awesomeness. You should be grateful!

hell yea nph for life!!

What 16 said. Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favorite actors of all time.

Neil Patrick Harris is a babe!!

beelo44 0

I'm watching Herold and Kumar right now.

actingbro 3

I agree I don't c why this is a fml, NPH is in it, which makes it a win

MissErikaHart 0

embrace it!

Indeed, this doesn't sound like such a bad thing at all! Aren't both those guys supposed to be pretty good-looking? Sounds like you really were determined to take it the wrong way.

NPH is openly gay and the Federer is a tennis player who is married (to a woman) but doesn't play a "manly" sport like rugby or armed combat. I'm guessing that OP has other issues with being compared to these men.

So what if NPH is gay? He's still manly!

Both NPH and Federer are awesome and far from ugly. Suck it up, crybaby!

I know right! Federer is hot.

RedPillSucks 31

YDI for being so caught up in what other people think about how you look.

gaga_fierce 0

wow it's not that big of a deal...

I'll trade my first born just to look like Neil, and throw in my wife for a suit. he's totally awesome!

you could be the best gay tennis player in the world

BoyFromTheFuture 0


Neil Patrick Harris is adorable!

mintcar 9

Hahaha, what's wrong with Neil? And don't be bothered by what people say about your appearance.

WARNING: OP is fishing for compliments.

blinkingstarlet 15

exactly what i was thinking, #13. "Wah, I'm attractive!" ::peeks out from behind hands:: OP stahpit. lol.