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Today, I had to forcibly separate a boy from my daughter after he grabbed her and started shoving her around. I complained to his mother, only to have her shout, "mind your fucking business" and say that her son can do whatever the hell he wants. FML
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zingline89 18

And this is how we end up with rapists

I'd teach my daughter to hit back at anyone who treated her like that.


zingline89 18

And this is how we end up with rapists


Yep. There's a word for women like that... it's called "****. "

I normally want to rip my eyes out at the sight of that word, but it only seems appropriate

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Just because you happen to be a guy doesn't mean you can generalize about the rest of us. In my experience, there are just as many shitty people in the female population as there are in the male population.

I hate to bring gender into this, but it's sad that we live in a world where "rape defense classes" exist for girls, but there are no "don't abuse girls" classes for boys. Now I'm not saying that every boy is a potential rapist. Of course not! There are plenty of asshole guys on this planet, just like there are plenty of asshole girls too. But there are so many people who have a "boys will be boys" mentality when boys (and men) do things like manhandling or harassing a girl. Unfortunately the parent in the FML is a good example of this...too many kids grow up simply not understanding proper boundaries. It's a shame it's the girls who are taught to "defend" themselves against it, and the guys aren't taught not to do it to begin with.

That's what's called a strawman argument. In Western society, I've never heard of anyone using the "boys will be boys" argued when talking about women being abused. Also, there are classes where children are told about abusive relationships and such; we have such classes at my school. The classes are not specifically targeted towards boys. Instead, boys and girls are taught about abuse, which is as it should be.

90 - There shouldn't need to be don't abuse girls classes and even if they did have them, unless they somehow made them mandatory, only people who wouldn't touch a girl that way would take the class. I just cannot picture a person that would abuse/rape someone think to themselves "I should really take a class to teach me how to stop doing these things".

#55- Totally with you! I normally HATE that word, but it only seems appropriate in this situation!

The whole "boys will be boys" thing is ALWAYS used to defend boys' actions from a young age. A boy is pushing or teasing a girl? He likes her and boys will be boys. He's being mean? Oh, boys will be boys. Women are taught that for a good portion of their life, that boys teasing them, not backing off and respecting them, and other things on that level are just boys being boys and that they just do it to show that they like them. Only when they get to the age where those actions could be interpreted as harassment do people cease to stop using that phrase.

133- What, so boys aren't allowed to push or tease girls now? There's a reason the "boys will be boys" argument is used in those situations: because it's just boys being boys. They also push and tease other boys, so why should girls get special treatment? What you're saying does not sound like equality, it sounds like chivalry.

The only thing worse than justifying abuse with the "boys will be boys" mentality, is the "it was all the woman's fault" mentality.

RochelleRedvines 8

141, what's wrong with chivalry? I think it's cute. Much better than 'boys being boys,' anyway.

What's wrong with that word... It me fave

I'm lucky my boyfriend was raised to respect women. He won't even kiss me without asking first, though I've told him a hundred times he doesn't have to ask. That's because he doesn't want me to be uncomfortable. He is a perfect example of how a boy should be raised. I wish all men were like him. Maybe then my best friend wouldn't have a psycho-ex-stalker-rapist.

I'd teach my daughter to hit back at anyone who treated her like that.

That should be an OP's excuse when OP's daughter gives the lady's son a kick in the groin. "She can do whatever she wants to. "

Yup. Self defense in full effect here. With the ability to throw back the same line she gave him.

pedosmurf 7

#2 who would expect a child to do that though?

lexi365 20

That is why I am glad my dad made me take martial arts since I was 4.

MsMourningStar 22

#35 actually a lot of parents teach their children self defense and to hit back if someone hits you. My mother in law taught my husband to punch when he was three years old. And I plan to do the same thing with our kids.

When I was young my mom said, "If someone hits you, hit them back. I don't care if it will get you in trouble. " I have yet to see if she really meant that or not.

I was told the same thing by my parents. Unfortunately for me, I was not a good fighter, and I got my weak ass handed to me.

I don't encourage violence, but my parents are the same with the "if they hit you, hit them back argument". Especially with my brother, he used to get bullied, but my mum always said "don't throw the first punch, wait for it, then smack them. " We knew he had it in him because we used to beat the shit out of each other and he got the chance one day, let's just say the bullies didn't pick on him again! Self defense is an excellent skill to have!

She definitely would've had every right to beat the snot out of that kid.

Take the verbal abuse then when they throw the first punch you get the self defense card.

I hate woman beaters, but I also hate women that are violent towards men because they feel men can't hit them back, the fact that someone is born with a ****** shouldn't give them the right to special treatment, it's called gender EQUALITY for a reason...

lorraineald 7

In high school my brother was being harassed by one kid and one day the kid got a little physical so my brother restrained him. My brother wound up getting suspended for that. At schools nowadays it doesn't matter if it's self defense, they just expect the kid to sit there and take the beating. It's retarded that schools are discouraging kids from protecting themselves.

#35, yes because kids can be cruel sometimes

She is your daughter, and your responsibility to protect. Honestly, you showed remarkable restraint.

loulumpkin 8

I would have killed the boy. And his horrible mother. Go you for showing better restraint than I would.

I would have cuntpunted that lady if that was my daughter.

easy there tiger, woman may be a bit of a **** but no point in getting into assault charges, although to be fair I would have reacted in much the same way.

TBH if I was a mom and someone was pushing my kid around while the mother told me to mind my ******* business all hell would break loose.

bigtaytay 13

Terrible parenting. That's a damn shame

Dr0reos 8

And that ladies and gentlemen of the jury is how rapists are made.

60 - gosh, you were so close! Only an hour and five minutes away from 1.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Parent of the year right there

priceyfml 7

I hope when in a parent I will teach my child civil rights and to not he a ******* complete ass hat.

bobbybill0519 7

I would've beat the shit out of the kid.

I think this is a part of what's wrong with kids today. No one enforces rules, kids aren't taught respect and they're handed everything. This boy will grow up to be a horrible person.

KiddNYC1O 20

At least we know his mom is already horrible. Can't even be excused if she's having a shitty day.

Achall91 17

He already sounds like a horrible person...

No... not "part of" what's wrong with kids. That is exactly the cause of rude, undisciplined children (and adults) who think the world is their playground and everything in it is theirs to play with.

She was probably raised that way herself. So it's not just a "kids today" thing.

I've heard kids will be kids but this is a bit too far.

This is the time where we teach your daughter the ever so helpful "kick in the balls" technique :D

Actually, men tend to keep their groin well guarded when in a physical confrontation. Self defense experts say it's better to stomp on his foot, thrust the heel of your hand upward into his nose (thus breaking it), or slap his ear with an open palm. If you do choose to go for the groin, you should knee him, not kick him, because kneeing is a faster motion which requires a tighter space, and so is harder to guard against than a kick. That one was free, ladies. :D

pheebs314 17

Be careful with nose breaking as it tends to numb the face fairly quickly. Poke him in the eyes!!!

When I was younger my mom always told me that if I was manhandled or about to be abucted, etc. to grab his genitals then twist and pull like I'm trying to open a stuck door. So many self defense methods lol

#9 It should be more like the rip off balls technique.

the_enigma1019 1

Jesus... Is this what parenting has come too? Would any of you here on fml be generous enough to shoot me in the face?

melibear89 7

BANG! There shot you in the face.

I can't do that, but I can slap you in the face with a condom.

I won't shoot you, but I'll track that mother and shoot her.