By Anonymous - 07/03/2010 14:08 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out how mature the guy I'm seeing is. After sex, he took the condom off and hit me in the face with it. FML
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hopefully u slapped him for that lol that's mad nasty


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good, now sck his dck and make him a sammich

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condom smack. how do ya like me now biz'nitch!

#29 Peanut butter smack! OP that is hilarious. Not for you though. It sucks for you. But the rest of us are laughing our arses off! BTW, tell him the next time he does that is the last time you let him hit it.

Give him a bj and spit it on his face.

Haha, I think it's funny how this grosses you out, when the ony other place the condom had been was in you woohoo...

Is it wrong that I read this and laughed?

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@42 That is exactly what I was thinking. >:] That'd teach him, OP! FYL.

lol! I'm just curious what you did after like stand there with your mouth open like did he just hit me with his bag 'o semen or kick him in the balls personally I would have hit him with it and shoved it down his throat then kicked him in the balls ;)

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before u try to do that he would pour the semen on your face to blind you so u wouldn't hit him lmao

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lol I agree with luckytexan, spitting into his face after a bj is more then fair

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@61: only if everyone else who laughed at it is stran... never mind

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So he likes to get freaky? Big deal

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@Samantha that's because you would rather have it in your mouth than on your cheek

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sounds like a Dave chappelle moment. did you sign the love contract and the confidentiality agreement?

@26 I dnt if she gets preg I kill her.jk lol ydi for sleeping with some1 u dnt know that well

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@42 LMfAO! karma is a nasty bitch with STDs.

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This only would have been better if he yelled "Justice!" as he did it. That's called a Captain America.

damn 63, hope no poor bastard tries that with u lol

@46, if someone rubbed a Kleenex all over your dick, and then wiped it on your cheek you wouldn't be grossed out?

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at # 42 thats hilarious N a great idea lol

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good now shut the hell up and make him a samich!!

@79... I was going to say you're kinda cute and we should do something sometime, but if u think that's a good idea then.... nevermind...

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indeed my bf did that to me b4 disrespectful... he learndd his lesson.. since he hasnt found a use for his condoms for 3 months lol

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you gotta be quick and dodge. it's a deadly game.

That's funny as shit lol marry him.


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u shouldve put it in ur vag as punishment and make him pay child support.

@161: He probably did, it just doesn't involve you anymore...

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wow. atleast he was mature enough to wear a condom

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what did the condom say to the face?!.… smack!!!!! charlie murphy bitch!

rofl which hole was the condom in before he smacked u with it.

hopefully u slapped him for that lol that's mad nasty

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Wow, FYL, 1st, I think.... Congratulations, you've lost your virginity!

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you should have stuffed the thing down his throat.

I would have then slap the dick into the mouth for a bj