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By suckstosuck - 23/07/2013 04:04 - United States - Dana Point

Today, I was getting freaky with my boyfriend and told him to spank me. In a seductive voice, he told me not to tell him what to do. Continuing, I asked him how he was going to punish me, to which he then replied, "I'm going to punch you straight in the face." FML
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PimpdaddyCJT 13

I guess he's not into the whole 'lets do some kinky shit in bed thing' huh?


And I will be the first person to suggest that maybe he misheard the word punish for punch. They are pretty close and the FML still makes sense.

"I'm going to punish you straight in the face." hmmm. Might be a bit of a stretch.

I don't know, **** now a days with these so called "facials"? It really doesn't seem too far of a stretch. I get freaked out whenever I have these Mary Kay reps trying to get me to buy their make-up by offering me a free home facial-- I get way too many dirty thoughts. :P

RedPillSucks 31

But it's free! How about a pedi for those toes?

Hmmm I think it's a nice gesture to OP!

salazara 10

I know, SHE was being so rude!

Sounds like my boyfriend OP... I would've started laughing. Not quite an FML I'm sure he is joking.

Why does this have so many bad votes???

chris brown is a modern day ike turner history never repeats? yeah right!

justfienne 12

People should google the tumblr post "celebrities (other than Chris brown) who have committed violence against women" and consider why he and Ike turner are literally the only ones we associate w/ beating women and all these others' violent episodes are overlooked and or forgiven... Food for thought. P.s. I seriously dislike Brown myself, but I disagree with the nonsense of letting these other guys get away with violence and not Chris.

The best comment for the FML. NO DOUBT. IM DYING

PimpdaddyCJT 13

I guess he's not into the whole 'lets do some kinky shit in bed thing' huh?

jw90 18

So much for spicing things up in the bedroom

thatdangmexican 18
Zimmington 21

said the husband who beat his wife

Whoa. I'd probably take it easy on the dirty talk from now on. Not really his thing from the looks of it

Or you could combine the two, and delve into either anal fisting or face slapping.

What kind of kinky shit are you in to?

... Anal fisting and face slapping, obviously

grahmagog 14

Its not every man's strong point

MCP at its worst in bed. Sorry OP. many guys would kill for a girlfriend as kinky as you are.